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ART: Whether Line by Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin at Fondazione Prada

The Art Duo Explores the Notion of Borders and Boundaries

©Photo Andrea Rossetti / Courtesy Fondazione Prada

Whether Line is the new exhibition conceived by Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin commissioned by Fondazione Prada for its Milan venue. Exploring the notion of borders and boundaries, this large-scale multimedia installation the first output of a creative process begun in late 2016.

©Photo Andrea Rossetti / Courtesy Fondazione Prada

The project takes the idealized rurality as a conceptual starting point, then blurs the boundaries between different forms of storytelling and experiences, such as films, video exhibitions and art installations, board games and videogames…

©Photo Andrea Rossetti / Courtesy Fondazione Prada

For this work Fitch and Trecartin relocated their house and studio to Athens, in the Ohio countryside, where they conceived the framework for the new movie as a haunted map: a location with its own will and a constellation of permanent built sets, which include a large hobby-barn commissary, a lazy river, and a forest watchtower, occupied by a cast of characters who are simultaneously agents and subjects of the map itself.

The artists contort these sites through dislocations of time and memory to explore the notion of borders and boundaries—existential, psychosocial, and physical. The same is true for the sculptural theaters conceived for the Podium, the Deposito and the external courtyard of Fondazione Prada’s complex, where the artists stage an immersive intervention in which visitors navigate through constructions and objects, following a unique and partly directed path. – From Fondazione Prada

©Photo Andrea Rossetti / Courtesy Fondazione Prada

Weather line is on view at Fondazione Prada Milan from 6 April to 5 August 2019.

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