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Ray-Ban #ProudToBelong: The Journey to Belonging

Discover the Latest Campaign

Discover the latest Ray-Ban campaign #ProudToBelong that celebrates the moments of sharing. The campaign focuses on the moments of life that allow us to find ourselves and determine our sense of belonging.


Each of us is travelling along a unique journey. Regardless of the destination, one thing is certain: they are the individual moments in defining our path. The laughter, racing and tears are the moments that lead to self-definition. Welcoming every opportunity and throwing ourselves headlong into each part of the journey we find ourselves and show our true identity. Moving from a sense of belonging to one of pride. – from Ray-Ban 

Celebrating the moments of sharing that enables us to rediscover ourselves, the campaign promotes three #PROUDTOBELONG shapes that represent different feelings: vulnerability and empathy – Ray-Ban Square, passion and joy – Ray-Ban Wayfarer, pride and confidence in themselves – Ray-Ban Wings.

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