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5 Important Reasons You Still Need Business Cards

Connect with other professionals and help gain exposure

In today’s digital age, you may be focused more on connecting via online channels than analog ones in order to grow your business. People often talk about the importance of digital marketing, social media, email marketing, and paid search ads in order to get the word out about who you are and what you do. However, what many people don’t realize is that for professionals who want to grow their own business and promote their brand, there are still some traditional, tried-and-true tools that you should rely on– and one of those traditional business cards. Business cards are a great way to connect with other professionals and help gain exposure for your brand. Here are some key reasons why you should consider investing in physical business cards as you help your company grow.

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They’re Portable

Business cards are small and lightweight. So, you can carry them with you no matter where you go — then hand them out whenever you need to. Business cards make networking easier in every situation, since you never know when you might meet someone who could be an important business connection.

They Never Have Outage or Downtime

While they Internet is a great place to market, it’s not always dependable or consistent. Web servers can go down, and sites can experience bugs or glitches. For that reason, business cards are a more consistent, reliable marketing tool to depend on. They can provide information about your company and how to contact you around the clock, and there’s never going to be a chance that they’ll become inaccessible.

They Facilitate a Social Connection

When it comes to building a business, actually creating a connection with other humans who may want to do business with you (either as a partner or customer) is key. These connections are crucial, which is why you need to find out exactly who needs your solutions and expertise. In order to do this, you can use open innovation platforms in order to start connecting quickly and easily. In fact, studies show that 95% of professionals believe that face-to-face meetings are key for successful long term business relationships. Business cards are a tool that can help facilitate face to face connections in a professional context. Having a business card to give to or exchange gives you the opportunity to approach them, and this is a great chance for you to make a true social connection and impression on the person that you want to work with.

They Are Easy to Pass Along

Business cards can be used to make one initial connection. However, if you make an impression on the first person you give your card to, that person can carry your card — then pass it on to another person who they think will also want to connect with you. To pass a business card along, you don’t need to access a device, have a WiFi connection, or login to any account. You can simply hand over the card, which means that business cards are a good way help other people get the word out about your business, too.

They Help You Establish Your Brand

Business cards are a good opportunity for you to share the brand that you’ve created with the world. Or, alternatively, if you haven’t created a brand yet, they present a good chance for you to come up with one. Business cards act as a physical face for your company, and they’re a way for you to show off your company’s aesthetics, motto, values, intended audience, and other important brand attributes, all in one small, handheld object.


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