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Philipp Plein by Tony Kelly Book

Discover the playful fashion of Philipp Plein

Courtesy of ©Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein has collaborated with LA-based photographer Tony Kelly on a rule-breaking book project, displaying his accessories collection. Featuring models, the designer himself and an army of tiny integrity dolls, the book is a tribute to their matching aesthetic.

Courtesy of ©Philipp Plein

Shot inside ‘La Jungle du Roi’, Plein’s villa in the heart of Cote d’Azur Kelly’s photographs portray his iconic Hollywood scenarios and pop culture elements.

Philipp Plein and Tony Kelly invite the viewer to discover a work that challenges stereotypes, reverse roles and confronts taboos. Both of them developed the same subtle visual alphabet to play with sexuality, this is why Philipp Plein decided to collaborate on a rule-breaking project to display his accessories collection. – from Philipp Plein

Courtesy of ©Philipp Plein

I live the brand. I am the brand. if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be successful. – Philipp Plein

Tony Kelly’s art has no compromises and a very strong and personal signature which has nothing to do with that of the majority of nowadays image makers. The incredible, playful fashion of Philipp Plein could have been portrayed only by another full-rounded creative personality like Tony Kelly. – from Philipp Plein

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