Top Eco-Friendly Things You Must Choose in Your Home

Eco-Friendly Things are hard to define, if anything we all want our daily lives to benefit the nature surrounding us. Here’s how you can protect the planet by these small changes in your home.

Top Eco-Friendly Things You Must Choose in Your Home

The environmental crisis is as real as it gets. If left unchecked, the entire population of the earth could be wept out of existence without leaving a trail of life. The mankind is solely responsible for the damage and thus, it is our utmost responsibility to save the earth. Every person, every household needs to take steps to conserve. Make Eco-friendly alternations and look into companies which have Eco-friendly technology, such as Hausera with its low flow water saving shower heads. Here are some tips to help do your bit towards the environment.

Cut down on disposable and plastic

Try to cut down on disposable and plastic items like cutlery, utensils, straws, toothbrush, feminine hygiene products, containers, bathroom fittings etc. There are Eco-friendly versions of most items that you use which do not make use of plastics, and even come in non-disposable packaging. Recycle all the plastic that you previously own instead of throwing them in garbage.

Top Eco-Friendly Things You Must Choose in Your Home

Install a rainwater harvesting system

You do not really need something elaborate to harvest your rainwater and do something good out of it. All you need to do is to get a large container with a wide surface area to collect more. To maximise your harvest put sloping sunshade over your windows which will not only deflect water off your house but will also create a stream of water for you to collect. Place your collecting containers directly under the slopes to get the most out of the rain.

Use good quality plumbing

When it comes to your faucets, sinks, pipes, tanks not compromise on the quality and Eco-friendliness of the products. Not only does it save water right now, it also lasts longer, therefore reducing the chances of leaking and dripping water from the taps and pipes. Thus, while preventing the wastage of water in short and long term, good plumbing also saves you money.

Smart appliances with low power consumption

Before buying any appliance check its energy star rating and choose one is higher on the energy saving quotient. Not only will this save your electricity bill, it is also better for the environment. Try to opt for smart appliances as they can be controlled even remotely. Thus, you will never waste energy again by forgetting to switch off your appliances.

Also make sure you either purchase appliances with smart meters allowing you to regulate the temperature and energy consumption in your home. When it comes to air-conditioning and heat regulation today’s smart meters are able to regulate the temperature for each room individually. If you are not spending time in a certain room turning off heating or air-conditioning will not only help with your bills but will also help us save the planet. 

Look into solar energy

While you have possible been using energy saving lighting for a while now, try to take it to the next level by cutting down on non renewable energy and replacing with clean solar energy. By installing a few solar panels you can harness the sun’s energy to power your house as well as saving yourself from exorbitant electricity bills. It is a one-time investment for a cleaner and cheaper source of energy.

By taking these little steps every individual can make a lot of difference to the world. It is our collective responsibility and all it takes is every single person doing their own bit to save the planet from the damage we have caused.

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