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Wear Those Clear Round Glasses With Style!

Clear round glasses are in style for a few years now – here’s a best tip from our accessory how to wear them and much more:

Wear Those Clear Round Glasses With Style!

Are you feeling that Harry Potter or hippie vibes or just wanting to try out something different? Then you should go and try out these clear round glasses so that you can achieve that bolder look that you are trying on. These clear round glasses have been becoming another option for making a statement when it comes to your eyewear.

These clear glasses which are also known as translucent or colourless frames are suitable for both men and women and they even add a fun style to your overall ensemble. The reason why these are gaining popularity is that they are really easy to wear and also because they can complement almost any type of skin complexion and they also look great on all shapes of the face. One other benefit when you choose to wear clear glasses is that you can also experiment with trying out larger frame styles because they are not going to overwhelm your face in the same way that glasses with darker frames can.

Choose the Right Clear Round Glass Frames

When it comes to deciding on new eyewear, the most important choice to make is the right shape of the glasses. This is because you should be looking for a pair that is going to complement the face of your shape and your personality. The rule of thumb when it comes to glasses is that round and oval frames work well with square faces.

Tips When Styling With Clear Round Glasses

Tip #1 – The shape of the frame

The correct shape of the frame is an important component when it comes to styling clear glasses in order to determine if such best complements the structure of your face. To do this, you should get frames that are of the opposite form of your face. If you have a round face, then you should get clear glasses that have a square or a rectangular shape.

The rectangular angle will make the shape of the face to appear slimmer and long instead of round. However, if you have a square-shaped face, then round frames can be of help in order to soften and balance the angular jawline of your face. If your face shape is diamond-like, then it will need an emphasis on the upper part of the glasses so that it will bring out the features of the face like the cheekbones.

When you are already able to find the right frame, then it should already be easier for you to highlight the style of the glasses.

Tip #2 – Don’t forget that it is an accessory

Whether the glasses are prescription or non-prescription, the glasses still serve as an accessory that should complement every outfit that you wear. So, even though you are not wearing the glasses on a daily basis, they can still be great for special occasions or just so to add an extra spark to your outfit.

What’s good when it comes to wearing clear glasses is its clarity which means that it can go with anything. But, ultimately, this will still depend on what look you are really trying to achieve when it comes to wearing clear glasses. They are just like scarves, hats, or earrings wherein you should choose what is appropriate to put on and wear in certain settings.

Wear Those Clear Round Glasses With Style!

Tip #3 – Consider your clothing

If you want to make the clear round glasses to be the highlight of your ensemble then you can achieve this by wearing lighter colors that are going to emphasize the transparency of these glasses. The lightness of the shades of the clothing is going to make the glasses appear to be in its original color, making it more visible to the eye. The frame’s angles will then be more apparent to the observer especially when the glasses are going to be matched with lighter hues. This will enable the person to highlight the frames of the glasses that they are choosing for the shape of their face.

Tip #4 – Consider the makeup that you are going to wear

The makeup that you wear especially on your eyes is going to be a determinant to the way these clear glasses are to be styled. Your choice of makeup is also similar to the clothes that you are going to choose to wear. Of course, the eyes are a lot closer to the glasses which is why this is going to affect how the glasses are going to appear when there is going to be any color to be added. If your eye shadow has a softer tone, or if you are wearing an eyeliner this is going to keep the eyes from over-powering the transparent color of the clear glasses, thereby giving your glasses the focal point if it needs to be.

Of course, women can still continue wearing their makeup while being able to maintain the visible lines of their frames.

Tip #5 – Consider how you are going to build your outfit

The outfit that you decide to put on depends on the type of personality that you have, how you want to present yourself to the public, how you mix and match the colors in your clothing and your eyes, and of course, including the design and shape of the frames that you are going to choose. There are people who are inclined to wear clothes with soft colors in order to march their clothing with their eye makeup, and also to ensure the crystal look in their clear glasses.

Tip #6 – Consider the occasion that you will go to

This is another form of consideration when it comes to styling your clear glasses. So this will depend on the type of event that you will go to, and how you want yourself to look. If you are going to school, or just starting school, then you may want to wear trendy clear glasses. Or if you want to wear them for a dinner or a house party, then you can still look modern and artistic when blending in with the crowd. With clear round glasses, this will give the person an area to flex their style in any occasion that they prefer and where they feel comfortable with.



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