3 Creative Ways to Decorate Spaces Using Tiles

People don’t use tiles for flooring purposes alone, but for making statements about personality and style preferences.

The United States had already used over1.5 billion square feet of tiles by mid last year, according to Forbes. Tiles are a common choice for flooring among property owners due to their appealing features. They are not only versatile but also durable, low maintenance, and affordable. With advances in new technology and innovative designs, tiles are changing the styling strategies in the modern home. Today, people don’t use tiles for flooring purposes alone, but for making statements about personality and style preferences.

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Create Feature Walls Using Large Tiles

Large-format tiles have gained popularity because of versatility. Not only do extra-large tiles look great on the walls as they do on floors, they’re also hardwearing and easy to maintain, according to Atlas Ceramics. You can find tiles in different finishes, from wood to natural stone, marble, glittery, and matt. That way, you can create unique walls using large tiles depending on your preferences. An accent wall acts as a focal point or backdrop that highlights elements like freestanding bathtubs and fireplaces. With these tiles, you can easily add texture, colour, and dimension on your walls, creating unexpected drama within spaces. Despite the large size, you can customize the shape to your liking. Plus, you don’t need to use a different grout colour when decorating. Using the grout colour similar to the tile causes visual expansion, making spaces look spacious with less contrast.

Make a Tile Rug

Rugs are essential parts of home design, but they are slowly losing their space thanks to the stylish looks tiles provide. Like rugs, tiles define spaces and add colour, creating focal points in living areas. When it comes to adding tile rugs in various rooms, there is no limit to what you can design. Based on personal preferences and home design, you can incorporate mosaic patterns using porcelain, marble, or ceramic tiles. Property owners interested in creating geometric patterns or mural tiled rugs can do so anywhere in the house.

Enhance the Beauty of Stair Risers

Apart from the handrail, people don’t bother decorating any other part of the staircase. Now that tiles have become part of interior decor, property owners are incorporating unique designs on stair risers. And the good thing is that you can use leftover tiles to create cohesive designs. There are a variety of designs you can implement to give your stairs a stunning upgrade. Consider using etched stone tiles to create a traditional design. You can make a two-step with decorative tiles or infuse a diagonal perspective. Experts also recommend the use of Pebble tiles to emphasize sustainability if you are living in a green environment.

Tiles have aesthetic effects when you incorporate them into different parts of a home using different shapes, colours, and textures. Besides, decorating walls and flooring, consider beautifying kitchen islands and ceilings using ceramic or porcelain tiles. Instead of leaving the ceiling bare, designers are encouraging the use of tiles to add colour and dimensions and colour. Additionally, you can use tiles to make unique headboards, which look stylish compared to upholstered ones.

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