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5 Design Enhancements That Add Value to Your Home

How can you add value to your home? Remodelling is the key – here are a 5 design enhancements to help your rise the value of your property:

Photo by ©Tom Blachford courtesy of Taylor Knights

If you own a home, you know how important it is to continually upgrade its design in order to retain and improve its value. If your house is outdated and the overall value suffering as a result, it’s time to make some changes that aren’t just beneficial for you and your family, but to future potential buyers as well. These changes can add efficiency and worthiness to a property, making it more likely to gain attention if put onto the market.

Continue for 5 easy but valuable tips coming from our in-house architect team: 

01 Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Both the kitchen and bathroom are the two most-used rooms inside of a house. Because of this, when they’re outdated, it can truly affect your overall quality of life. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom takes time and requires that a budget be implemented so that you don’t overspend. However, by doing the renovations, you’re adding significant merit to the property and improving how you and your family function day-to-day.

02 Home Lifts

Home lifts are a huge selling point for homeowners and they improve the assessment of the property as a result. While an initial investment is needed to install the lift, it’ll more than pay for itself in a short period of time. By working with UK Home Lift Experts, you’re able to have the lift installed and operating so that your family can benefit from it. Lifts are great for homeowners who have disability issues or who just want a high-tech design enhancement that futurizes the house.

Photo by ©Tom Blachford courtesy of Taylor Knights

03 Thicker Sun-Proof Windows

If the windows in your house are drafty and thin, this can be an issue with energy-efficiency. If you’re always spending more on heating bills than needed, it could be that a lot of the heat is blowing out through those older windows. Getting rid of the outdated panes of glass and installing new, thicker and sun-proof ones can increase the value of the home. Sun-proof windows offer UV protection that can prevent fading of carpets and upholstery. They can also be helpful in terms of reducing energy-efficiency because the sun won’t heat up a cooled room.

04 Decks and Patios

Outdoor living is a big selling point and one that buyers want when putting a residence on the market. Potential owners want to know that they have an outdoor space where they can relax and entertain their guests. Adding a deck or patio onto the house is a great way to improve its selling potential. You’ll also find that you have more fun outside when there is a special spot for you to sit and relax.

Photo by ©Tom Blachford courtesy of Taylor Knights

05 Adding Rooms

While more of an extreme project, adding rooms onto the residence can help to increase its overall value. For instance, if your property only has one bathroom, adding a second or third one can help to make living there easier and more convenient. You might want to add on a sunroom or a smaller garage for parking vehicles. Regardless of the addition that you choose, it’s a smart and easy way to benefit your family and potential future buyers.

All images from Brunswick West House project by Taylor Knights architecture practice – see more on archiscene.


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