Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2020

Working on redesigning a restaurant ? Here are a few helpful tips from our contributing editors and architects:

Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2020

With the new year making its way, the latest trends have also been set out. The fashion fad is enticing people of all ages; restaurant designs also maintain the perfect appealing space for attracting the food lovers. There is a large selection of restaurant tables that can be used to amp up the ambiance of a restaurant.

Given below is a list of a few trends that you can expect to show up extensively in the new year.

Fresh and Green ambiance

Restaurateurs, nowadays, try to give their place a cozy, residential feeling by decorating it with plants. They put special effort into their arrangement and, most of the time, hire a gardener to keep them flourishing.

  • Aloe vera, the string of pearls, and snake plants are some commonly used varieties that are grown in quirky looking or neutrally colored tiny pots. Such pots are hung on the walls and the ceiling or placed on dining and the counter to bring some freshness to the mood.
  • There is some aesthetic value that is associated with greens. And also, plants look great in pictures, and that is the reason why such ‘urban jungles’ are extremely popular among the Instagrammers.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2020

Setting on the Rooftop

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this is the reason why dining on the rooftop is an experience in itself.

  • Fire pits, fairy lights, cozy sofas, and tables, all of these apart from the fantastic view of the city skyline together form a perfect ambiance to enjoy delicious food.
  • Accounting their target audience and their location, restaurateurs build the interiors and the menu around a theme or story. Considering the peace that a rooftop renders, they try to develop an ambiance that seems to be appealing to the customer to sit in their restaurant for a more extended period.

Container boxes and vehicular setting

Beginning with the first container box cafe restaurant in 2013, where a 40-feet shipping container was transformed into a multi-cuisine restaurant, this out of the box idea has become a widespread trend over time.

  • From airplane and railway train-themed restaurants to mobile food trucks, vehicular settings of restaurants seem quite appealing to the enthusiasts.
  • A roadside attraction, food trucks are decorated with bohemian or bright graphics and loaded with delicious, mouth-watering delicacies.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2020

Eye-catchy lightings

The unique lighting of a restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most crucial decorations that make it stand out among other competitors.

  • The year 2020 is going to feature a characteristic mix of lighting styles like classic, modern, vintage, shabby, or ethnic.
  • Ambiance lightings are the primary source of light that can be an artificial fixture or a natural one. Natural lighting arrangement creates a more aesthetic mood as compared to the electrical ones. The arrangement of artificial lights, on the other hand, forms eye-catchy patterns.
  • Nowadays, neon and cove lights are used to add a special effect to the drama created by this arrangement. Also, LED lights remain to be fashionable.
  • Being Instagram baits, accent lights are used to add drama to space. Most of the time, their position is individually adjusted to put an extra shine on an artwork.

Playing with colors

Apart from the lighting, the color play of the venue potentially determines the mood of the settings.

  • Soft pastels and neutral colors like rosy pink and pale grey have been high on trend since the past few months, and they are used extensively to build a warm and cozy environment. However, the restaurant walls and décor are also painted in bright hues like lemon yellow or wine red to bring some drama and fun to the setting.
  • Recently, colors are also being added to the meals as people increasingly share what they are eating on different social media platforms. By combining colors, restaurateurs try to make their food look more and more ‘Instagram-friendly.’

Restaurant Interior Design Trends 2020

Adding Wood elements

Carrying out an even more natural touch, restaurants include a variety of wooden factors in their decorations.

  • With the growing concern for the degrading environment, sustainable furniture is the thing that a customer wishes to see in his dining area. Thus, non-biodegradable materials of tables, chairs, and other interior elements are being swapped for wooden and fiber components. Also, space-saving, multifunctional compact furniture is growing popular nowadays.

Apart from being environment-friendly, wooden elements are cozier. They are adding chairs made out of rustic, wild and raw-looking wood, or a wooden accent wall or even lampshades made out of the same material amp up the mood of the ambiance.

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