DESIGN SCENE LIFESTYLE: Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Simple ways to improve sleep investigated by DSCENE editorial team:

Falling asleep may be seen as an impossible mission for some people, but you are the only one who can control this situation. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can improve your sleep during the night; but in order to have the energy for your daily activities (such as exercise), you have to get a good night’s rest. Poor sleep has negative impacts on your body and can increase the risk of many chronic diseases. Children and adults are both likely to suffer adverse effects, such as decreasing brain function, hormonal changes, weight gain, anxiety or depression, lack of appetite and energy, etc from a lack of sleep. Over the past years, sleep has become a luxury, as many of us often get inadequate sleep. However, you can improve your lifestyle by following these tips to sleep better at night.

Avoid Habits That Can Affect Your Sleep

Even though it’s hard to eliminate all the bad habits from your life, it’s essential to understand that they can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. Your body knows exactly when it needs rest and when it should be active. Ignoring these signals can lead to severe sleep issues. Your daily routine, such as what meals you eat, what medications you might take, how you choose to spend your time, can significantly affect the quality of your sleep. Many people wonder why they feel tired and angry most days, but they don’t realize a lack of sleep is the root of many issues. To avoid feeling sleep deprived, stick to a constant sleep routine. Waking up and going to bed at the same hour every day can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can make you feel less stressed, have more energy, and be in a good mood overall.

Transform Your Bedroom into a Quiet Environment

Transforming your bedroom into a quiet, relaxing space can help you sleep better at night. Start by setting an alarm that wakes you up at the same hour every day, but make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep. Limit exposure to sunlight and attach some thick curtains at the windows, as this will keep your room darker. Improve sleep by keeping your room clean and comfortable; try to create a bedtime routine with relaxing activities before bed, such as taking a warm bath or shower and journaling.

Eating a heavy meal before bedtime can affect your digestion and as a result, your night’s sleep. If you feel hungry at night, eat a healthy meal at least 2 hours before your desired bedtime.

Choose a Comfortable Mattress, Bed, and Pillows

Studies have shown that sleeping on comfortable mattresses can reduce your back pain and improve your sleep quality. Poor-quality bedding can affect your sleep and increase your discomfort. According to Best Mattress Reviews, a comfortable mattress should be chosen based on personal preferences. If you haven’t changed your mattress for longer than five years, it’s time for a replacement. It’s essential to upgrade your bedding every couple of years, too. You can shop high-quality mattresses online or go to your local stores.

Avoid Stressful Activities During the Day

Most people claim that their stressful jobs make them feel worried at night, as they spend most of their time thinking about what tasks they have to accomplish the next day. Stress can severely affect your health and your sleep, so it’s important to learn how to manage demanding situations at work. Make sure you allow yourself at least 1 hour per day for activities you enjoy. You can either exercise at the gym, watch a movie at the cinema, spend quality time with your family and friends, or relax at a café. At the end of a working day, all you need is just some time for you to relax and live your life the way you want it. Do not spend your time stressing for things that eventually won’t change.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your health and sleep. It can significantly reduce symptoms of insomnia and provide you a good night’s sleep. Plus, exercising during the day can help you fall asleep faster at night. Besides all the benefits exercising offers you, it’s important to know that it’s best if you exercise at least 6 hours before bedtime. Exercising before bedtime is not recommended because it can increase hormones like adrenaline and epinephrine which make you feel nervous.

There are a lot of relaxation methods to help you sleep faster, including mindful breathing. Other people may struggle with sleep due to common conditions, including apnea. Consult your doctor and make sure you don’t suffer from any underlying conditions. Sleep plays an important role in your life, so make it a top priority and include some of the tips above.

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