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BEAUTY & HEALTH: The Secret to a Good Night Sleep

For a long time, people had the misconception the mattress is the only one that influences sleep quality

BEAUTY & HEALTH: The Secret to a Good Night Sleep

For a long time, people had the misconception the mattress is the only one that influences sleep quality.

Sleep is vital, so you don’t think twice before investing in an expensive mattress because you want to feel satisfied when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. Sadly, even if you have purchased a premium mattress, you still fail to get a good night’s sleep, and you keep tossing and turning during the night because you cannot get into an ideal sleep state.

When the mattress is super firm, you wake up stiff and sore because you cannot sleep comfortably. For a side sleeper, in particular, a too firm mattress would make it very uncomfortable to rest because it crushes your arm and keeps the neck in an awkward position. If this keeps happening to you, it’s time, my friend, to get yourself a body pillow because it provides extra comfort during the night.

BEAUTY & HEALTH: The Secret to a Good Night Sleep

What is a body pillow?

If this is the first time you hear the term body pillow, you may have no idea what we’re talking about. Most people associate body pillows with sleeping accessories women use during pregnancy, but pregnant women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a body pillow.

A body pillow is an elongated pillow with narrow padding that you can cradle between your legs when you sleep on your side. It’s made to relieve pressure in specific points and improve spinal alignment. Body pillows come in different fills, from natural wool to latex and kapok. You can also find them in multiple sizes to fit different people’s needs. For a hint of luxury, purchase a body pillow made from bamboo.

Body pillows are made for people who need some extra comfort when they’re sleeping, so they can improve the night rest and get them into a healthier routine. The best body pillow provides many benefits.

How do you use a body pillow?

You can use a body pillow in multiple ways; it really depends on how you feel comfortable. But to help you figure out, we’ll list some of its most common uses.

  • When you’re sleeping on your left, put the pillow between your legs and wrap the right leg around it, to cradle it in a comfortable position.
  • Lay the pillow along your body’s length and hug it
  • Rest your hands on the pillow
  • If you don’t want to cradle it between your legs, use it to support your back or prop yourself in a standing position.

Why should you use a body pillow?

It relieves pressure in specific points

Firm mattresses often aggravate the pressure points in the body and trigger ache and discomfort. Your hips are sensitive, and when you sleep on a mattress that doesn’t offer enough support, so you can experience pain. Your body responds to the firmness of the mattress by switching your usual sleeping position to one that feels comfortable, so instead of sleeping on your side, you end up on your stomach or in a twisted position.

When you sleep for long in an unnatural position, you put pressure on your arms, experience improper spinal alignment, and feel numb in the morning. You can also squish your arms under your body and feel them deaden or aching for many hours in the morning. If you have broad shoulders, you’re more predisposed to twist in your sleep when the mattress doesn’t provide enough support, or it’s too firm and doesn’t allow your body to sink in the fabric. During the night, your body is looking for comfort, and you may even end up folding your pillow in two to get more support for your head and shoulders.

A body pillow has an elongated shape, so it takes care of your body and supports its weight against the mattress. When you place the padding along your body and between your legs, you keep your spine aligned with your head and stop your body from falling into an uncomfortable position. The pillow relieves pressure off of your hips and allows your body to relax during the night.

BEAUTY & HEALTH: The Secret to a Good Night Sleep

You toss and turn less during the night

You don’t want to have a full workout during the night because it’s the time of the day when your body rests on providing you with energy for the following day. But when your body is uncomfortable, it becomes restless and is continually looking for a proper sleeping position. So, it tosses and turns, and you wake up more exhausted than you went to bed. But when you’re holding onto something supportive, your body no longer tends to move and sinks into a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Now, you may think you can hold onto your partner because there’s nothing better than a loving body pillow. Well, as they may love you more than a pillow, they produce more heat during the night and can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and rest. Also, your partner moves in their sleep, and they can disturb you. So, your partner is this cute and cuddly monster, but they aren’t a comfortable night pillow to rest your body on. Keep the cuddling for Netflix and chill, and use a body pillow to train your body to get a relaxing night’s sleep.

Sleeping with a body pillow is similar to brushing your hair; your body needs to get used to it to feel comfortable. Take it to bed every night to create a routine and prevent tossing and turning.

You access the benefits of hugging

Everyone loves hugs because they have a soothing effect. When someone hugs you, you feel safe and happy. Using a body pillow may not be exactly the same as embracing a loved one, but it can offer a sense of peace as you doze off. The emotional element your body associates with hugging allows you to pause your mind and focus on the quiet environment around you.

When you struggle to fall asleep, you can use a body pillow to encourage your body to relax and get your mind into a restful state.

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