How to Get A Perfect Modular Installation For Your Smart Kitchen?

Why modular kitchen is true contemporary smart kitchen investigated by DSCENE Interior Design editor , plus everything you need to know:

modular kitchen
Photographer ©Ouyang Yun courtesy of JINGFH

The kitchen is the most important place in our home where we get all the energy to survive our daily life and hectic schedule. An up-to-date smart kitchen with modern facilities will save much of your time and effort which you can use somewhere else for a more productive purpose. So, are you ready to bring some innovation into your kitchen design? If yes, then read this post about setting up a modular kitchen for your home.

Nowadays, a popular term to use is “modular”. Modular Kitchen is a term used for a modern kitchen furniture layout consisting of modules of cabinets that hold accessories inside and facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen. Generally, it has two sections. One is the wall section and the other is the floor section. If you are living in a flat or apartment, a modular kitchen can be the best choice for you. It takes less space and provides a well-organized infrastructure. If you have a large space in your own home, you can install a modular kitchen.

How to Plan a Modern Modular Kitchen Set Up?

Everyone needs to have a modern and attractive modular kitchen in their home. So, it can be quite tough to choose the right design. The price varies depending on different designs, models and more things that are involved in the process of setting up the kitchen. Nowadays, you can estimate the  modular kitchen price online easily by customizing different models and styles. Here are some steps to plan the modular kitchen:

modular kitchen
Photographer ©Ouyang Yun courtesy of JINGFH

1. Choosing the Right Countertop

Choosing the proper kitchen top is one of the important aspects of a modular kitchen installation. You will get different types of countertops like solid surface, granite, artificial stones, etc.

2. Selecting High-Quality Materials

While selecting the material, you should keep in mind the two things which are, look and quality. The material should be long-lasting (approx. 15 years). It is important to check if the material is tested against termites or water etc. New Super tuff HMR HDF provides a 10 years warranty against water as well as termites. Also, it is 30% cheaper.

The Look of the kitchen is very essential. It reflects your choice and personality. There are types of looks available like contemporary, modern and classic. These are also obtainable in different finishes like Foil, Laminates, Glass, Veneer, Acrylic, Polymers, PU paint, etc. According to your budget, you can choose one of them.

3. Purchasing the Proper Kitchen Appliances

When you are remodelling your kitchen, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate kitchen appliances. You need to purchase a proper oven, hob, microwave, chimney etc. After that, you should choose the proper sink (single/ double bowl).

4. Choose the Modules

The module is the essential part of your future kitchen. Each module has several benefits and also different styles. If you are on the lookout  for cheap modular kitchens, then you best choose the shelf modules. If you have many accessories, you can use the corner modules. If you have a higher budget, you can opt for wall modules. These are hinged up in a wall.

Features of The Smart Modular Kitchen

Every homeowner want their living space to look its best while reflecting theirr personal sense of style. Apart from the living area, the kitchen area is the second most important space in your home. Modular kitchens provide a completely contemporary look which is lavished. It is smarter than a regular with their urbane design. Some advantages of using modular kitchens are:

1. It Saves Space and Provides An Organized Look

When you are choosing a modular kitchen layout, you will get a lot of space in your kitchen. Thus, you will get a better workflow. Modular kitchen cabinets have well-organized systems such as plate holders, garbage holders, bottle racks, cutlery compartments and wire trays for vegetables. Also, it has some inbuilt system that is carousels. These are especially obtainable in corner cabinets.

modular kitchen
Photographer ©Ouyang Yun courtesy of JINGFH

2. Saves Time

Modular kitchens are the best option for every home-owner who is in rush . A modular kitchen cabinet takes less time to install. Nowadays, there are many modular kitchen service providers available. When you contact them, they will visit your home at first and finalize the style and everything. It takes hardly four to five weeks to complete the work.

3. Long-Lasting

Generally, kitchen cabinets are usually made of wood. One of the benefits of a modular kitchen is that it is very durable. They are made from high-quality plywood. Plywood is fully resistant to moisture as well as water spillage. If you hire a reputed modular kitchen service provider, you will get a quality product. Cabinet doors are made from aluminium.

4. Easy to Sustain

The surface of a modular kitchen is very smooth and fully water-resistant. So, it is very easy to clean. You just need any mild detergent solution to clean the whole thing. You can do this every 3 to 4 weeks for better results.

If a kitchen remodel is something you are thinking about at the moment, then installing a modular kitchen is probably the smart thing to do. It not only changes the overall look and feel of your old kitchen, but also elevates the look of your interior overall. The materials, racks, cabinets are unique and durable. Depending on your taste and personal preferences, you can customize every detail according to your needs. Installing it in your home will elevate the atmosphere without compromising the essential utility of the kitchen.

All images from an apartment renovation project in Shantou China by JINGU PHOENIX SPACE PLANNING ORGANIZATION – see more on our architecture and interior design page.

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