#HOME: 5 Things a Modern Kitchen Should Have

Making minor changes in the kitchen can help you feel inspired to make better, healthier, and more interesting meals.

If your kitchen is ill-equipped, disorganized, or uninspiring, you may find yourself demotivated when it comes time to cook. Fitting your kitchen with the right tools and equipment, and making it a space you enjoy being in makes cooking a more enjoyable task.

While some changes may require a large time and money commitment, other changes can be done on a budget. Making minor changes in the kitchen can help you feel inspired to make better, healthier, and more interesting meals.


If you are looking to make changes in your kitchen, here are five things a modern kitchen should have.

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Good storage

Having space to put all your kitchen items can help keep your kitchen clear, giving you the freedom to move around when preparing and cooking a meal. When you plan your storage, you need to make sure you have enough space for everything you wish to keep in your kitchen.

Your storage should also be easy to organize. If you consider a cutlery drawer, for example, they usually become disorganized and messy really quickly. Placing an organization tray into the drawer can make sure that your drawer stays organized and items are always easy to find. For the design side, you can try contemporary, custom, locally made kitchen cabinets from Studio Haus.

Sufficient space

A small kitchen can feel dark and cluttered even if it is well-organized. While you can’t necessarily expand your kitchen’s space, you can borrow space from a nearby room to expand your kitchen. Taking some appliances like the microwave and toaster to another room can declutter your kitchen, giving you more space to prepare food.

If you have a bigger space in your kitchen, keeping it clear of clutter is essential. You are more likely to enjoy being in your kitchen if you don’t have to rearrange it every time you want to make something.


The right appliances

Choosing appliances for your kitchen should be a lengthy process. You need to make sure the appliances match your color scheme and lifestyle. If you don’t need an appliance, it is best not to purchase it. Unused appliances are a waste of money and take up space you could be using for other things.

You should choose appliances that fit the space. If you have a smaller space, choose multifunctional appliances that take up less space. If you have a larger space, you can invest in larger appliances. Using large appliances in a small space clutters the space and makes it difficult to move around and complete tasks.

Stainless steel soap

Stainless steel soap might seem like a confusing addition to your kitchen. After all, how can stainless steel be used as soap? Stainless steel soap is known to deodorize your skin after you work with onions and garlic. If you use onion and garlic regularly, the chances are high that you have a permanent onion or garlic scent about you.

Using stainless steel soap like regular soap, you wet it and rub it between your hands. The stainless steel removes strong odors from your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to handle the next ingredient.

Spoon rests

You may already have a spoon rest in your kitchen and feel like this is no big deal. Spoon rests are important for the modern kitchen, as it keeps counters clean and free from oil. Having a dedicated place to put your spoons while you are using them might also add to your convenience, making cooking more enjoyable.

Since a spoon rest is more like a plate, you are likely to wash it daily, making it more hygienic than the countertop. Using a spoon rest not only keeps your counters protected, but also reduces your chances of picking up germs and bacteria from dirty kitchen counters.

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