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Sandra Oh is the Cover Star of Elle Canada June 2020 Issue

Elle Canada features actress Sandra Oh on the cover of their latest edition

Sandra Oh
Photography © Greg Swales for Elle Canada

The Killing Eve star Sandra Oh takes the cover of Elle Canada‘s June 2020 edition captured by fashion photographer Greg Swales. In charge of creative direction and styling was Annie Horth, with styling from Patrick Vimbor, and art direction by Jed Tallo. Beauty is work of hair stylist Jenny Cho, makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua, and manicurist Christina Aviles Aude. For the cover Sandra is wearing look from Gucci.

But I’m in a place in my career now where I am specifically interested in roles that explore a character’s race, because I can — and because I want our conversations to eventually move to a place that recognizes that it’s important. Let’s say it’s a show about a fashion magazine and the editor’s black. You can’t just write this character without having the background of who she is.
Asian-Americans, particularly from my generation, almost recoil if we hear an accent [onscreen] because of how laden in racism and misunderstanding [it is] and [how it’s a result of] not being in charge of the story. If you are Korean-American and from Los Angeles, you have an accent, but they aren’t trying to flatten their accent, like I have. They are just carrying that into the character of, say, a doctor. That’s how we get the shift. We don’t want to just have a person of colour acting the way a white person would act. Because they’re not! – Sandra Oh

photographer Greg Swales –
creative director & stylist Annie Horth
stylist Patrick Vimbor
art director Jed Tallo
makeup Kara Yoshimoto Bua (SWA)
hair Jenny Cho (SWA)
nails Christina Aviles Aude (Star Touch)
editorial producer Estelle Gervais
photographer’s assistants Yolanda Leaney and Amanda Yanez
styling assistant McCall O’Brien
makeup assistant Pircilla Pae
Writer Vanessa Craft
Shot on location prior to COVID-19 distancing measures, at Santa Monica Proper Hotel. Special thanks to Santa Monica Travel & Tourism and Visit California.
For more visit Elle Canada’s official site:

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