DESIGNS SCENE HOME: Top Living Room Colors

The paint color of your living room should be selected wisely to make the space look appealing and welcoming.

It is an absolute matter of fact that paint colors have a gigantic impact on your house. It determines the mood of your house. Your space can be statement-making depending on the personality of your house. Paint color plays an essential role in creating the overall effect you want in your house.


The living room is the center point of every house. It basically unites all the things that make your house worthy to be called a “home”. It is a symbol of togetherness and leisure. It sets infinite peaceful moments and memories of you with family and friends. The paint color of your living room should be selected wisely to make the space look appealing and welcoming.

The following are some colors that you could paint your living room into, to give it the best look.

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Gray color is the most popular one to paint your walls into. Gray walls are a symbol of spaciousness. It is a particularly neutral color for any room in the house but especially looks sophisticated and statement-making in the living room. If you like to decorate your walls with various paintings and frames then gray could be the best color for the background wall. It is a light color that makes your paintings look more apparent. It provides an excellent dropout for your artistry.


This color is a symbol of simplicity. You may have noticed many living rooms painted beige. For a person who loves a minimalist look for the living room, beige color is the perfect choice to go for. Subtle beige walls set off a stunning and classy effect for your living room. It makes your space look wide.


Being the color of harmony, peace, and renewal, green is among the best paint colors to go for. It echoes the hues of the natural world and gives an overall amazing effect to your living room. You can further decorate your living room with fresh green plants to make it look more creative while being painted green. It is the perfect alternative color for people who find neutral colors extremely boring. Green walls can be a splash for the living room. It makes your living room look livelier.


Blue is the no-brainer color for every living room since it brings everyone together. There are many attractive and soothing shades of blue which can make your living room quite appealing. All the various shades of blue go well with neutral colors. A blue living room has a calming effect on the house. It is a stylish choice to go for. If you love decorating the walls, blue is an excellent choice to paint the wall into. You can make your wall look like an ocean or sky, depending on the decoration.


Black is not the color that many people go for, and that’s what that makes it so unique and great. A living room with walls painted black looks exotic in itself. The unexpected and dramatic look it creates seems to be taking over everything. Black walls can glare the temper of natural light if your living room gets so much sunlight directly. The dark backdrop makes the furniture more apparent and popping out. There are many ways to design a black living room, all you need is proper guidance.

Painters in Calgary can help you turn your dream living room into reality by painting it the best color according to the theme of your house. They make a strong statement out of playing with colors that create an overall amazing effect on your home.

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