DESIGN SCENE BEAUTY: Pampering Yourself in a Pandemic

Here are some top tips that will help foster the most relaxing and zen evening you deserve.

Self-care is important in any situation and whilst having a pamper night is normally in preparation for a big night out, date, gig etc, it doesn’t have to be. Taking time to relax and vibe with yourself is something that’s crucial in managing the at times stressful situations COVID-19 has brought upon us.

Pampering means more than just washing your hair for the first time in a week however, although no doubt, most of us have been there since lockdown began. So, considering this, here are some top tips that will help foster the most relaxing and zen evening you deserve.

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In Preparation

Pick a Night

It may seem obvious but allocate a specific day for this pampering session. Self-care, for many people, often comes last on the list of things people have to worry about, so to make sure you don’t skip it carve a night out of your zoom-quiz packed diary and make it happen. Similarly, tell others you’re planning on doing one casually, so they know to let you do your own thing. Doing this by yourself is recommended if possible because then it means you are able to soothe your anxieties and stress alone, without having to worry how those around you are feeling.

Stock up on Face Masks, Nail Varnish, Body Lotion etc

Buy the go-to products that you love or treat yourself to buying a new nail varnish or body lotion to really make this night feel special. The last thing you want is to expect to have that favourite nail varnish which has actually gone dry since the last time you used it. A top tip for infusing your night with real serenity is to buy body lotions containing things like lavender, chamomile or even CBD. CBD is a non-addictive component of cannabis, which targets and helps abate anxiety and stress; specifically, in body lotion, it also helps to target aches and pains. So, stocking up on this will help to ensure your you-time is as relaxing and anxiety-freeing as possible.


Although snacks aren’t necessarily the healthiest form of self-care, they certainly set the tone for a relaxing evening #treatyoself. Having a good selection of snacks is important, slightly stale biscuits all evening just won’t cut it. So, a plethora of snacks is recommended for achieving the most indulgent of pampering sessions! To really hit the spot when relaxing at home CBD snacks are perfect; their calming qualities are a perfect addition to a relaxing, stress-free evening at home; CBD chocolate, gummies, the sky is the limit. Luckily, due to the large variety of CBD snacks, you will definitely find one that suits your palette. Snacks at the ready you’re all set to relax into the coming evening.

The Main Event

Set the Mood

Never underestimate the impact of good lighting, having 100 glaring spotlights is not good for the environment, nor for your zen state of mind. An amber glow of some lamps or fairy lights will set this evening up perfectly. On top of this, thanks to your careful planning, your housemates and family are also being careful to not disturb you with constant queries or loud music meaning you have a designated chill zone for the evening.

Also, decide whether you want to watch movies whilst doing your treatments, listen to music, read a book or to simply sit in silence for a bit. Listening to music can be the most relaxing way to enjoy an evening, playing your long-forgotten favourite songs from decades ago is a good way to reminisce and feel positive. Also, music or silence gives you a chance to think and reflect, whilst TV and reading can feel more mundane and mind-numbing rather than healing.

Choose your weapons

Set up a few beauty activities you want to do throughout the night. Pedicures, manicures, facemasks, hair masks, a bath, eyelash tinting, plaits you name it. Try to choose more than one thing otherwise it may feel a bit anticlimactic if you’re all finished and ‘pampered’ in half an hour. The power of three is a rule that is good to follow in most walks of life, so settle down to three TLC-inspired pamper treatments.

Beauty sleep

After you’ve relaxed, eaten your snacks and have had some well-deserved you-time, a good night’s sleep will round this off nicely. Often, doing yoga or meditation before sleep can help you release the last of the bad energy you have stored up, meaning you’re able to fall into a deeper, more restful sleep almost instantly. Importantly, you don’t have to do these mindfulness practices for very long, take ten minutes to connect with yourself and just breathe and you will have the best kind of treatment of all- rest.

Repeat – Do YOU Daily

Although, understandably, not many of us have time to take a whole evening off regularly, it’s important to continue doing things for yourself, no matter how small. If you feel anxious, take ten minutes to yourself, even if it’s to just do silly things that make you happy or is as simple as buying some soothing CBD lotion to put on before bed. These things matter because your mental health matters, especially in times like this when the pandemic seems almost never-ending. So, stay positive, be active in your mental health and prioritise that all important you-time.

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