8 Reasons Why Your Logo Should Not Cost Less Than $200

Here are eight reasons why your logo should not cost less than $200

8 Reasons Why Your Logo Should Not Cost Less Than $200

If you want to pay next to nothing for your logo, then you probably shouldn’t be going into business.

I’m not saying it would be stupid, but if you want a cheap, soulless, non-market related image to be the first impression your prospective customers have of your business, then well, “stupid is as stupid does.”

A little harsh? Perhaps.

But if you’re starting your own business, or trying to breathe life into a failing one, then you need to be realistic.

Because the reality is, 9 out of 10 businesses fail, so the odds are stacked against you.

So, how do you get yourself into that 10% that succeeds?

OK, you probably already know that there are several elements to that answer, and I’m guessing that a savvy business person like you already knows them.

But in case you don’t, we’re going to tell you about one of the most important ones, branding, specifically your logo, and why it’s a vital element in your business’s success.

So, get ready to be enlightened; here are eight reasons why your logo should not cost less than $200.

8 Reasons Why Your Logo Should Not Cost Less Than $200

Reason #1. Why Your Logo Should Cost More Than a Business Lunch

You can get a logo for free, let alone the price of a quick lunch, but why would you?

Perhaps because logo design is becoming underrated due to accessibility, cheap logo maker apps are confusing people into thinking that logos are no longer important, and they are becoming unaware of the value that a good logo brings to their business.

Here are the reasons why your logo should not cost less than $200:

  1. Your logo is the first impression consumers get of your company.
  2. It’s the basis from which your corporate image is born.
  3. It has to be original
  4. It should look professional
  5. It needs longevity
  6. It must be market and consumer-related in design.

Reason #2. Your Logo Has A Job to Do

Maybe it’s because of a logo’s size that we undervalue its worth! But don’t let that fool you because your logo has a hefty load to carry.

To fully understand what your logo can do for you, let’s look at the many roles it plays:

  • Visual Recognition: Logos are the visual representation of your business and are how consumers will recognize you.
  • Consumer Engagement: We process visuals six times faster than written content; your logo has milliseconds to engage your audience; if designed right, then that’s all it needs.
  • Retention: We remember visuals far longer than written content; the better your logo, the longer consumers will remember it.
  • Trust: Familiarity creates trust; the more consumers see your logo, the more they’ll trust your brand.
  • Loyalty: Once consumers trust you, they become loyal to your brand.

By now, your logo’s importance should be sinking in; now, let’s talk about the designers and other ways of creating them.

8 Reasons Why Your Logo Should Not Cost Less Than $200

Reason #3. Designers Have to Eat Too!

Designers undertake a higher education to learn their trade and gain the skills and principles required for good design. Most spent a minimum of four years and (the good ones) continuously update their skills to stay aligned with the ever-evolving design technology and trends.

And while most are lovely people who’d be only too happy to design your logo for free, unfortunately, they have bills to pay, usually starting with the $40-50,000 they laid out for their tuition, as well as the everyday costs of running a business.

So, please help feed a designer today by purchasing a professional logo; thank you:)

Reason #4. If It Was Easy Everyone Would Be Doing It, Wouldn’t They?

Designing a logo isn’t easy; there’s far more going on underneath the hood than meets the eye.

You see, it’s because designers don’t just design logos; they build relationships by meeting with clients, physically or virtually, and by creating design briefs and proposals. But to do that, they first have to research your market, your company, your audience, and your competition.

Next, they brainstorm and draw rough sketches using the colors, fonts, and shapes known to work for your marketplace and target audience. Last but not least, they provide you with a minimum of three variations, then revise, update, and create your final design.

I’m tired just writing about it!

Reason #5. Great Logos Aren’t Built in a Day

On average, it takes a designer 10 – 30 hours to create a logo, for the reasons why see # 4.

So, why have we used $200 as our minimum price point?

If you do the math, you’ll quickly see that it’s pretty low, as few designers work for less than $20 per hour, and 10 hours at $20 per hour = $200! The truth is your logo could cost anything from $300 – $3000, depending on your company’s market place and the demographic diversity of your audience.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your logo, so be prepared to pay and above all, don’t skimp, because it will show in the result, your logo.

8 Reasons Why Your Logo Should Not Cost Less Than $200

Reason #6. Logos Need Software to Exist

Designers are no different from any other business; they incur costs and, would you believe, pass the expense onto the customer! But before you tar and feather them, let’s look at what they are.

The equipment and software designers use cost a lot of money. For a designer to stay relevant and provide you with the best possible results, they have to stay atop trends and technology, again, not cheap.

An average design software package starts at around $400; add on up-grades and that price goes even higher.

Reason #7. Smile, The World’s Watching You!

Quick question, what came first, the professional logo or the successful business?

It’s a conundrum that many business owners’ trip upon. On the one hand, you have your business aspirations, on the other your budget, and we all know it’s a balancing act. It’s why some decide to go with a cheap logo at first, intending to upgrade it when the budget allows.

But what if we fail because we used a cheap logo, one that didn’t identify our brand to our audience, was unable to resonate on an emotional level, was quickly forgotten, lacked trust, and ultimately customer loyalty?

And it could happen!

Your logo’s the face of your business, it has to make the right impression, and it has only one shot at it. So, smile, the world’s watching.

Reason #8. Get It Right, And It Could Last A Life Time

The humble logo is the visual identity that unifies all your marketing strategies and provides your brand with the foundations needed to grow and prosper?

If you leave this post with anything today, leave with this.

Your logo’s the foundation that’ll support your brand, the reliable lynchpin holding it all together, the platform from which to build your empire.

There’s a saying in the gardening world:

Spend a dime on your plant and a dollar on your soil; your logo is that soil. Invest in it, and it will pay you back time and time again and bloom for years to come.

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