The Ultimate Guidebook for Home LEDs in 2020

In this article, we are focusing on various types of LEDs that we can use in our home as per our every need and occasion

The Ultimate Guidebook for Home LEDs in 2020

LEDs have significantly evolved and become an everyday household item nearly in every home. Not only the houses, but it is also used in office, schools, and shops to every other place for its energy-saving nature, wide verities, and easy availability. However, LEDs of recent times have so many variations that it can be hard to put all of them on a single page. So today, we are mainly focusing on various types of LEDs that we can use in our home as per our every need and occasion.

LED Tubes

The most prominent and everyday use of the LEDs in our household is the tube shape light. These T8 LED tube lights have far better longevity than the regular fluorescent tube. They are brighter than the traditional ones and even cheaper. There are even many other LED tube formats, such as the horizontal tube sets or boxy design tubes, only to name a few. You can also select other unique shapes or designs as per your choice.

The Ultimate Guidebook for Home LEDs in 2020

Color Light

We are all familiar with the small tiny sized decorating color LED bulbs, but apart from that, there are other various types of LED color lights as well. At first, there are warm hues, often used in homes to illuminate a large space, and it can easily replace the traditional halogens. The next is cooler-toned lights that have a soothing white color. The last one is the stark white-colored day white bulb; it is also used in homes and other commercial places for the well-lit natural tone.

Graphene Light

It is a very new innovation and the latest member of the LED family. It is a filament shaped light that has a graphene coating along with it. The most significant benefit of the light is its energy-saving nature. We all are aware of how power-efficient LED lights are, but this new type of light can even consume a lower amount of electricity than the traditional one.

The Ultimate Guidebook for Home LEDs in 2020


Dimmer Switching

Regardless of home or office, we often come across situations when we need intense light, or sometimes just a little dim hue can do the job. So to save us in every case, we need a dimmer switch compatible light. LEDs are great with dimmer switches; it can lower the hue or brighten the whole space as per the requirement.

Surface Mounted Device

Surface Mounted Device, often abbreviated as SMD, is a new kind of lighting force. The bulbs are consisting of a microchip that can give it a boost in terms of lighting. It is an excellent choice for the corners where you can use the extra brightness, such as the garage or the hall.

The Ultimate Guidebook for Home LEDs in 2020

Chip on Board

It is also a relatively new type of light that can easily illuminate a large space in no time. If you are in search of a LED that can deliver you a dynamic shine, then COB can be your perfect choice. This type comes in handy for lighting the outdoor space like the garden or poolside.

From Graphene light to T8 LED tube lights, regardless of what you choose for your home, LEDs can always give you the best-in-class performance, higher longevity, energy savings without even being heavy on your pocket.

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