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Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

Don’t know what all you can install in your place? Let’s help you find the options

Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

You searched, searched, and searched….

And finally you found the home of your dreams. But it still does not feel like it’s your own! That sounds weird, isn’t it? But it happens initially with almost everyone. But that’s okay. The best way to make a place your house is to redecorate or renovate it in a way that portrays your personality.

But hang on!!

Are you only deciding on changing the wallpaper, the HVAC system, the wall color, or those tiles? I would say, you must think again! Why? Because we’re living in a technological age. And living in a house that’s technologically disabled would sound too dull. Isn’t it?

Starting from time-saving gadgets, robotic cleaning to advanced entertainment devices, you can upgrade your place in many ways. And the best part is, you can even go for minimalist makeovers to complement these gadgets.

Moreover, adding these gadgets isn’t only about adding class to your house. It’s more about convenience, security and going with the times. In fact, the global smart home market revenue is projected to cross 140 billion US dollars by 2023.

Don’t know what all you can install in your place? Let’s help you find the options.

Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

Home Decor The Tech Way 

If you want to enter the tech zone, you can start with smart lighting. Oh!! No, it won’t cost you a fortune. I know you were thinking about that. All you have to do is replace conventional bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs or LEDs. They are compact and relatively last longer. The best part is they are absolutely energy efficient. In short, you’ll save money on your energy bills.

If you are tech-savvy, you can go for smart bulbs that are controlled by an app. What does that mean? Well! You can switch them on and off with a click. This is primarily a great relief for those who are always in a rush and forget to switch off devices. Not only that, but you can also dim or change the color for setting up your mood.

But that’s not all! You can use the following options to upgrade your house.

Get Creative With Apps

You don’t have to leave the home decor part if you are thinking of adding technology. You can use apps to help with color match paints or go for tiles coated with antimicrobial metals. Not only that, you can go for tech-enabled towel warmers that easily harmonize with the surroundings. In fact, these project themselves as a pop wall art, something Scandinavian style.

Also, you say goodbye to the smelly ash or heavy cords with smokeless fireplaces that add elegance to your living area.

Go For Techno-comfort Furniture

Many artists and designers make efforts to stand out to engage customers with advanced furnishings that look and even feel comfortable. For instance, an Italian architect Carlo Ratti created an IoT Sofa. In this, he designed honeycomb modules that could change shape using a smartphone or tablet. You can control height or individual modules with a wave of a hand. Isn’t that amazing?

Again, you can go techno with the mirrors as well. I am sure you would have those sci-fi movies where the character always looks for the information flashed in the mirror. Remember? Well! It’s not something that’s limited to movies alone. You can find many mirrors that display time, date, weather, or other information right from your phone.

Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

Bring Comfort to Your Kitchen Technologically

The kitchen is where most of us spend the most time. It would be wrong if there weren’t enough solutions to make your life a bit comfortable and energy saving in that arena. So, what can you do? You can go for hi-tech refrigerators that indicate the freshness of food or those smart dishwashers that can be operated through your phone.

Other than that, those cooking gadgets like smart mugs, meat thermometers linked through phone or app-enabled cookers, and others are shaping the cooking world in entirely different ways.

Transform Your Place into a Smart Home

Home decor is not limited to just those flashy wall arts or lightning systems. It also includes utilities that make life comfortable and safe. You can start by using the smart devices that ensure energy-efficient heating and cooling of your place.

Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

Upgrade Your Home With Smart Thermostat

You can control your place’s heating using an app or a phone, which can remotely be used. Not only that, this option will give you real-time data regarding your energy usage. It can also help with turbo heating a room using technologically advanced space heaters.

Go Tech Savvy With Home Security

With the companies adopting emerging technologies, one can use smartphones to keep a check on their house from anywhere in the world. For instance, you can go for smart locks, which you can remotely use. You can also sync that with an app-enabled doorbell. In fact, as per experts like Cunningham Security, you can even go for protection package deals where you can purchase a home security system that allows you to safeguard your house from a variety of emergencies.

Robo-tech For Your Home Cleaning

Now that you have already upgraded the important systems, the next step is to include technology to save your energy and time. And without a doubt, the most time taking job is cleaning. Isn’t it?

So you must use robotic technology to take control of the household chores. For instance, you can go for robotic vacuums or window cleaners to work for you when you are trying to do an important task.

Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

Give Your Sleep a Tech-upgrade

Oh! We are not talking about sleep as it is. We’re referring to gadgets that will help you fall asleep immediately. So, you can go for modern mattresses that allow people to adjust mattresses as per their pressure points or flexibility, or firmness. Further, various hi-tech beds are helping people integrate technology in furnishing as per their needs and desires.

Revive Your Home’s Entertainment

Undoubtedly, television is the center of home entertainment. But if you combine it with wireless speakers or with streaming services, you’ll get a cinematic experience. Using LED technology, you can even give your TV an appearance of a background.

You can also go for wireless projectors for your living area to give yourself a big-screen experience. And adding Alexa or Google assistant to your house can further enhance its look and feel.

And it does not end there. If you are someone who loses remotes every now and then, you can opt for a universal remote that will allow you to do all the tasks from one single gadget. Ahh!! That sounds reassuring.

Bring Freshness to Your Home Garden

I am sure many of you would be like, “Oh! I love kitchen gardens, or I want a garden of my own.” But you are unable to make time for gardening. Or the fact is that you are a terrible gardener. Well! Not anymore. You can create an advanced herb garden where you add water to a tank and press the button. And everything will be done on its own. And you can relish the delicacies containing cilantro, tomatoes, mint, and other herbs.

Creating Smarter Homes

You’ll be surprised how modern appliances can help you with day-to-day activities. Voice controls can change the fan speed. A smart microwave can help you with recipes or instructions. An upgraded refrigerator van helps you keep track of fruits and vegetables. Smart locks will allow you to lock garage doors in case you forgot. And all this is done with a single click!

Now that you already found a plethora of options. The next thing that might come to your mind is that “Is my place really efficient?” Yes! This might happen in times when things don’t turn out the ways it was supposed to be. You might feel frustrated. In such times, you can go for a wall panel that will help you control many devices using voice assistance.

Wait! I am talking about Echo or Alexa. It would help if you allow yourself to understand the functionalities first. Only then the smart home will feel smarter.

Ready for an Overhaul? Reboot Your Home With Tech-friendly Solutions

Wrapping up

This is just a beginning. If you dig deeper, you’ll find a lot more options out there. Like those of sprinkler systems (that water depending on the weather) or those window shades that close down with a simple touch. And those kitchen appliances that work remotely.

Building a smart home is not only about a technologically-enabled thermostat alone. It encompasses sensors, app-enabled LED bulbs, security components, and a lot more. But you must make sure to get compatible products. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself entangled in the applications, not knowing what to do next. You must always remember to get a wireless router that will allow you to get things done without connectivity issues ever!

Let’s be honest, buying a house is not something you will be doing again. So, giving importance to things that are futuristic but important must always be considered. And since technology helps us lead a better lifestyle, why not integrate it into your house as well. Isn’t it?

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