How to Design a Ridiculously Comfortable Bedroom

Following these tips will help you increase your comfort level, which in turn can have a massive impact on your entire life

How to Design a Ridiculously Comfortable Bedroom

Your bedroom should be an extraordinarily comfortable area where you are free to get a great night’s sleep. Following some tips will help you increase the comfort level of yours, which in turn can have a massive impact on your entire life.

Think Through Your Color Choices

While bright yellow and fluorescent pinks may be perfect for other areas of your home, they do not make good choices for your bedroom. Instead, choose neutral or cool colors. Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is essential because it tells your body subconsciously that it is time to let the day’s stresses melt away and helps put your mind at ease. Think about using pale blues or whites in your bedroom space. Avoid using striped wallpaper or painting techniques with a busy pattern in your bedroom.

Choose a Headboard Style You Love

The next choice to consider is which headboard fits your sleeping style the best. If you love to read in bed before going to sleep, consider upholstered options that are well padded. Always choose a headboard that is easy to clean as you will sleep better when you keep dust and allergens away.

How to Design a Ridiculously Comfortable Bedroom

Select the Best Mattress

It is impossible to get a great night’s sleep if you do not have an excellent mattress. Be sure to choose one that fits your sleeping style. For example, side sleepers need a mattress that alleviate force on pressure points and keep your spine in proper alignment. Look for options made from breathable memory foam, especially if you are a side sleeper.

Find the Right Bedding

There is almost an endless array of bedding available. Choose options based on your need to be warm or cool. Selecting options with a looser weave will help keep you cooler. If you tend to toss and turn a lot at night, think about a weighted blanket as they tend to encourage your body to stay in one place naturally, and some studies have shown that they can decrease insomnia.

How to Design a Ridiculously Comfortable Bedroom

Opt for the Correct Nightstands

Nightstands should help to eliminate clutter as this will help you calm down and relax. If you share a bedroom with someone else, the nightstands don’t need to match as you each may have different things that you need to keep nearby, such as a glass of water, medication or a book.

Pick the Right Lights

Use soft lights in your bedroom as they help to calm anxiety. If you like to read in bed, choose lamps with a narrow base and wide shade as they do a better job of putting the light where you need it. Install blackout curtains so that you are not disturbed by lights that you cannot control.

Apply Feng Shu Principles

Applying Feng Shu principles may increase your bedroom’s comfort level. Start by placing the bed to see the door to your bedroom, but you are not in direct line with it. Put the head of the bed against a solid wall. Whenever possible, there should be space on either side of the bed. If that is unrealistic, install a mirror so that you create an optical illusion of their being space available.

How to Design a Ridiculously Comfortable Bedroom

Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils in a diffuser in your bedroom is a great way to increase its comfort level. There are several outstanding choices, so do some experimenting to see which ones work best for you. Lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile and clary sage can all be great choices. While you may want to use candles in other parts of your home, avoid them in your bedroom because you do not want to fall asleep with one of them burning.

Applying these tips to your bedroom can make it an incredibly comfortable space where you can get a good night’s sleep. The great news is that you do not have to break the bank to use them in your bedroom, which can also help you rest better.


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