5 Home Decor Trends You May Regret

If you plan on investing significant time, money, and energy into your home decor, you want materials and designs that will stay in style for a long time and that you won’t regret buying

5 Home Decor Trends You May Regret

As a homeowner, having a house customized to your taste and sense of style is important to you. You can be your own interior designer when it comes to home improvement or renovation. But where do we draw the line between home decor that is outdated, bland, or that will lose its touch in the next few years? If you plan on investing significant time, money, and energy into your home decor, you want materials and designs that will stay in style for a long time and that you won’t regret buying.

In the fashion industry, for example, trends come and go, and home decor is the same way. We often see designs and home furniture on TV commercials and retail stores that seem so glamorous and stylish that they may never seem to go out of style, but what we eventually come to realize is that some home decor trends do go out of style and you may regret purchasing them, especially if they were expensive.

White Couches

New furniture is perhaps the most common piece of home decor that is used to fill living rooms, guest rooms, and outdoor patios. After all, if you want to gather your family and friends for a movie night, you are going to need a comfortable couch. But if you decide to go with a white-colored couch, you could very well regret buying one. White couches can give a room an upscale feel, and their white color palette can brighten up a room, but with time, a white couch can begin to acquire stains, dark patches, and unwanted wrinkles that once seen can be very hard to unsee. As a result, you may be compelled to buy a different colored couch or hire an expensive cleaning service to clean your couch for you. It’s recommended to buy a couch of a darker color if you plan on having guests visiting often.

Glass Chandeliers

Your ceiling is the perfect place for light fixtures and chandeliers which can look beautiful, but they usually require extensive cleaning mainly due to the dust that can gather on them, which if they aren’t cleaned for a long period of time, the dust can fall and spread causing everyone in the house to start sneezing for days on end. In addition, chandeliers on the more expensive side tend to be larger in size and a hassle to disassemble.

5 Home Decor Trends You May Regret

Delicate Sculptures

Sculptures or statues can add an artistic flavor to the room of a house, but they are fragile to the touch and if they fall over, that piece of art can shatter into a thousand pieces. Especially if there is a pet in the house like a very energetic dog, you may want to think twice about setting up sculptures around the house.   

Bean Bag Chairs

If you plan on reading a book or watch TV, you can purchase a big bean chair which can offer you a comfortable way to pass leisure time and can be a complementary piece of home decor or furniture for a kid’s room or play area for the little ones.  But it’s important to note that bean bag chairs are not as durable as other pieces of furniture. Over time, sitting on it so much can flatten it into a pancake and it will need to be replaced, and no one wants to sit on a deflated sack of upholstery. It’s advisable to invest in a couch or armchair that will last longer.

5 Home Decor Trends You May Regret

Fish Tanks

Who doesn’t love pet fish? A big indoor aquarium with lots of fish is can be very appealing to look at, and bring life into a room. They can be incorporated into a wooden piece of furniture or be part of a wall and can act as a fine piece of home decor. But if you are not into buying fish food every month, or deep cleaning the tank, you may have to rethink about buying a fish tank. It’s a piece of decor that will require maintenance, especially if you have a lot of fish.  

Furniture that is Right for You

Your home decor showcases your sense of style, so you should aspire to invest in designs and styles that will last for a long time and that make you feel right at home. Click URL for more information on how you can choose styles that are right for you. You can even look at home interior magazines for example and use them as inspiration for your next decorating venture for styles that are not only trending but will stay popular for a long time and that you won’t regret purchasing. 

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