Things To Keep in Mind When Washing Linen Apparel

Today, we look at some mistakes you could be making when washing linen and what you can change in your routine

Things To Keep in Mind When Washing Linen Apparel

Linen fabric has fast become the go-to not only for consumers but also for manufacturers. This breathable fabric not only feels light on the skin but is also much stronger than cotton. No wonder people are not only adorning it but also using it as bedding. Even so, its durability comes down to how well you care for it. Today, we look at some mistakes you could be making when washing linen and what you can change in your routine.


If your linen has different dyes and materials, you cannot treat it the same as any other linen clothing. Instead, you must address the specific needs of each material and each color. In your case, a one-size-fits-all approach might not work.

You can always throw your pure linen clothes in the wash without worrying they will lose their durability. However, where the clothes have stitching, trimming, or lining from other materials, you may have to use dry cleaning to protect the latter.

The quality of your linen always matters. Fine linens such as those from Linenfox will wash easily, without giving you trouble. But more inferior qualities can give you a headache. Not only will they wash terribly, but they also will not last you long.

The washing instructions (which many people ignore) are the most critical consideration of all. If you go against this, you are likely to weaken and shrink the fabric. That said, we can now get to some tips you can keep in mind.

Things To Keep in Mind When Washing Linen Apparel

Linen Washing Tips

Regular Washing

While you may think that not washing your linen often preserves the fabric, that is not quite the case. In fact, you will get much more out of the fabric if you wash it regularly. You will notice that it will soften and have that classic look that people have come to love. Relaxed linens are not only more comfortable but also versatile as they can pair with almost any look. Besides, they are also effective in fighting off dirt and will look fresh with every rinse. So, stop holding off on that wash.

Temperature Ranges

As mentioned earlier, some sections of your linen will need special care, such as stitching and trimming. Often, these parts can withstand temperatures of up to 95°C. However, this temperature range can wear out your linen and have you heading to the store for another fabric in no time. Instead, aim to work with about 60°C or less, and you will get to enjoy your clothes for much longer.


Now, this not only works for linen but other fabrics as well. You should always separate white and off-white items from those with colors. The last thing you want is to get your white shirt out with some green, yellow, and blue patches. While the rainbow hues might help you turn some heads on the street, it might not be the look you have in mind.

Moreover, you should wash your linen clothing separately from other materials. Other fabrics tend to lose lint, which can ruin the aesthetic of your linen clothes.

Things To Keep in Mind When Washing Linen Apparel


A common question is whether people should use bleach on linen clothes. It is not advisable as it weakens the fabric fibers and can also fade the dye on the clothing. If you are having some trouble with stubborn stains, try and use a stain remover on the affected part before laundering the item. Plus, you might not even need the stain remover because most washing powders contain bleaching particles.

Here is a helpful tip. If a staining agent comes into contact with your cloth, wash it immediately or soak it. That way, you will have an easier time getting rid of the color.


When washing your linen clothes for the first time, pre-washing them enables you to prevent creasing. Use lukewarm water for this.

There you have it- a few tips to help your linen clothes last longer and look great at the same time!

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