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Diane Von Furstenberg Talks About Her New Book, Her Contribution to Fashion + More

WSJ. Magazine features designer Diane Von Furstenberg in their series My Monday Morning

Diane Von Furstenberg
Photography © Frances Tulk-Hart for WSJ. Magazine

Fashion legend Diane Von Furstenberg teamed up with WSJ. Magazine for their popular series My Monday Morning. Designer talked about her new book titled Own It, her secrets to living well, her biggest contribution to fashion, and more.

The person I learned the most from is my mother, and the biggest lesson she taught me was that fear was not an option and that I had to be responsible for myself. I really discovered that the secret of life is owning it. You own your imperfections; they become your assets. You own your vulnerability; it becomes your strength. And so it is really about being in charge of yourself and making a commitment to yourself to be the best you can be.  – Diane von Furstenberg

On applying that advice to her own business this year:
For me this past year was a forced pause. I had to reflect on my priorities as a human being. It also forced me to think about the business model of DVF and change the things that are not relevant anymore. I’m still on that process. What I’m also happy about is I had the strength of facing the situation in my company and turning it around and having the courage to do things that were very unpleasant—you know, closing stores and separating with people.

On passing down these lessons to her children and grandchildren:
At this point in my family, if I say, “Own it,” they get annoyed. But yes, it is in their blood. It is also so relevant now. All of a sudden you are staying in your house and your life has changed, and so it is pointless to complain or to blame. All you have to do is to make the best out of it. And more important than anything, be compassionate.

On her biggest contribution to fashion:
My biggest contribution is that I made women confident. I designed for the woman I wanted to be, which is a woman on the go.

On what she misses most right now, given the pandemic?
It is not about what you miss; it is how you enjoy what you have.

Photography © Frances Tulk-Hart for WSJ. Magazine; This article is featured in WSJ. Magazine’s Spring Men’s Fashion Issue out on newsstands Saturday, March 13th. For more visit

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