Ideal House Plants for Low and Bright Light Environmental Home Conditions

We talk to gardening experts to narrow down a list of plants most suitable for interiors with low versus interiors with bright day-light home conditions:

People opt to keep different plants in their homes for different purposes amongst them the aesthetic appearance of the house. Accordingly, it is important to note that the aesthetic value of plants comes from either their pigmentation or healthy growth. On the same note, it is important to remember that different types and intensities of light affect plants differently therefore, you need to learn how the lighting in your home affects your plants.

Ideal Houseplants for Low Light

Having minimal lighting in your home should not be a discouraging factor when it comes to keeping plants. While it may limit the type of plants you could keep, there’s still a wide range of plants that can thrive well in low-medium light spaces. Thus we talk to a few garden and plant experts to create a useful plant-tip list. 

  • ZZ Plant: These house plants are adapted to surviving anywhere that has sunlight rays whether filtered or unfiltered. Notably, the ZZ plant can also sustain itself in the presence of artificial light and survive in conditions that require very little water. Botanists confirm that the ZZ plant can stay without water for a period of thereabout 2 months.
  • Snake Plant: The snake plant does thrive well in bright light conditions. However, it has adapted to continue its growth even in very low light environments for long periods of time. For people who occasionally forget their house plants, the snake plant is an ideal plant for a windowless office.
  • Janet Craig Plant: This plant has large, sword-shaped leaves that on exposure to any amount, intensity, or ray of light, the leaves capture the lighting. This plant is ideal for dark offices or rooms and is considered the best plant to consider for low-lit environments.
  • Giganta Plant: This plant has close roots of origin with the Corn plant. The leaves are foliage
    and multi-trunked. It thrives well in places with low-medium light and is characterized by its large yellow variegated leaves.

House plants that thrive well in Bright Light

Bright light is found around windows that face the South or West. This is because they get much exposure to natural sunlight and for longer durations of time. Below are the plants to consider when dealing with environmental conditions with bright light.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig: This type of plant never fails to make your home look beautiful as long as it is
    placed in a well-lit room with enough bright light. It requires the brightest amounts of light in order to maintain its violin-shaped and big leaves that have made the plant famous. If the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant had a publicist, she would be a Dua Lipa of the moment. And in fact Fiddle Leaf Fig is at that momentum right now when it comes to interior design. This plant is one of the most coveted decorative plants when it comes to interiors at the moment. Thanks to it’s low maintenance we are certain it is to remain in our homes for years to come. 
  • Majesty Palm: This is a native Madagascan plant that thrives best in filtered indirect light. This plant can grow to enormous sizes with the right amount of bright light. Therefore, when placed outside in a screened patio, the plant thrives well to the joy of the owner.
  • Ficus Microcarpa: This plant has close relations to the Fiddle Leaf Fig and likewise, it requires bright light like its relative. This plant thrives well on lanai or patio, especially in the warmer months. For this plant, it is advisable to twist and change the exposure side to ensure that light reaches all the sides of the plant.


Plants are ideal suggestions for your home if the environment around your home is either low to medium lit or brightly lit. Therefore, never hesitate to keep plants for fear of the dark environmental conditions in your home. And finally houseplants are not only making you feel better, plants are also helping us keep the environment clean and healthier to live in. 

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