Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Workers and Home Renovators

Let’s take a look then at exactly why this equipment is so important, and what are the essentials with regards to PPE for construction workers and home renovators

In the world of construction there is more importance for personal protective equipment than ever before. Many years ago some would turn their noses up at the level of PPE required, but in the modern world there is simply too much by way of regulations to ignore. It is therefore a great responsibility of all construction companies and home renovator firms, that they take protection of their staff seriously.

Some of the PPE available is of course optional, depending on what the workers wish to use. There is however also a great amount of safety equipment which is mandatory and without it constriction companies could easily run into issues. Let’s take a look then at exactly why this equipment is so important, and what are the essentials with regards to PPE for construction workers and home renovators.

Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Workers and Home Renovators

The Importance of Safety Equipment in This Field

The main reason why we have so many regulations around the safety equipment which is required on construction sites and for home renovators is to prevent accidents and injuries. Over time, and as such incidents have occurred, authorities have had to take action in order to prevent further problems happening in the future. Too many sites were failing to enforce safety equipment and so the authorities stepped in with regulation. This has proved to be vitally important for the safety of the workers and it has significantly reduced accidents and injuries in this sector. There is an additional layer here also, and that is the legality and the compliance of any company working within this sector.

Essential Safety Equipment for Workers

Safety in construction is one of the most important parts. You can use a GPS time tracker for employees, which is essential safety equipment for construction workers and home renovators. It can help you track the location of your employees, as well as their working hours. This is especially important in construction, where workers often have to climb to high places or enter dangerous areas. GPS time tracker for employees can also be used to monitor the progress of a construction project. This way, you can ensure that the project is proceeding on schedule and that all the workers are accounted for. In addition, a GPS time tracker for employees can be used to find lost equipment or tools. This can be a lifesaver in construction, where lost equipment can often mean costly delays.

Not all PPE which is available but there is some which is essential by law. If you look at a company such as RISE Equipment Australia you will see an enormous range of such equipment. Some of these products come down to personal choice, and others are mandatory. Initially a supervisor will perform a job hazard analysis on the site, and depending on what the project is, the following equipment is likely to be required:

Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Workers and Home Renovators

Protective Gloves

There are many hazards to hands and arms such as skin absorption of harmful chemicals, burns, cuts, bruises and abrasions. In the field of construction, it is critical that workers are using protective gloves to avoid such problems. Depending on the job role there is a wide variety of gloves which should be used, from leather and canvas gloves to chemical resistant gloves, which will offer the necessary protection.

Hearing Protection

Our ears are incredibly sensitive and that is why workers will often require the use of ear plugs or muffs to protect the ear canal from loud and high-pitched sounds. The construction site is a very noisy one and that is why protective equipment must be used in order to reduce the harshness of the sound, rather than drowning it out entirely, which could actually be unsafe.

Face Shields and Goggles

For those workers who are grinding, welding, cutting or chipping it is so essential that they have full face protection. For many years these workers would have only worn goggles to protect the eyes, but the reality is that the full face needs that level of protection when doing these jobs. Any shards or splinters of metal, plastic or even hot ash can cause serious damage to many areas of the face. Beyond this there are those who are working with dangerous chemicals who will also require full face protection. Abrasive chemicals can easily cause burns and cuts to the face which is why they require full facial protection.

Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Workers and Home Renovators

Safety Hats

On all construction sites it is obligatory that workers wear safety hats when entering the site. This is clearly because of the fact that there are so many risks regarding falling materials. Even a relatively light piece of concrete or metal could do serious damage to the skull if it were to fall from a great height, which is exactly why it is so important that all personnel, no matter if they are working or not, should wear head protection.

Fall Protection

For workers who are operating above 6 feet, they must have fall protection as well. This will include guard rails, harnesses, safety nets and safety monitoring personnel also. Falls from this height or higher can be very dangerous for people working on a site and that is why this rule is critical for those who are going to be operating above 6 feet.

As you can see, there is a wealth of safety equipment which is required for those working in home renovations or on construction sites. This regulations are absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of the staff and the minimization of accidents or incidents on sites. Make sure that you know what PPE  is required for your company’s project.

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