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What To Wear For Your First Post Covid-19 Vacation

What should you wear this year now that things are back to being open?

Aicha Bassoum

If you bought the perfect beach outfit for your trip to the South of France last spring, then it probably has been collecting dust in your wardrobe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, international travel was suspended and plans, as well as the outfits, were scuttled.


Now that vaccines are rolling out and Europe is instituting a Covid travel pass called the Green Pass, borders are beginning to open up again. This means it’s time to break out that cute outfit you had planned to wear to Santorini!

What should you wear this year now that things are back to being open? Here’s a guide to your post Covid vacation to the beach.

Runze Yu

Exuberance is the order of the day

The last time that fashion went through such a dour time was during World War 2. At the time during the war, the fashion was very non fussy with lots of dark colors and didn’t really inspire. When the war was over, the pendulum swung the other way and gave way to an explosion of colors.

The same thing is likely to happen now that we are coming out of the worst of the pandemic. People are looking to let loose again with their new found travel freedom, so you will likely be looking at a lot of vibrant colors and outrageous looks when it comes to womens summer outfits.

How you decide to dress will certainly be dictated by your personality, but you can be sure that you will not look out of place on vacation to Europe this summer if you decide to mix up a lot of different colors.

Not so ostentatious

What will likely make you look out of place on a beach vacation is something very ostentatious. If it looks very expensive and is designed to show off how much you spent on an outfit, then this will probably reflect poorly on you.

People are looking to break out and have fun, but it is too soon after a time when a lot of people lost loved ones and are likely struggling financially. You may be hitting some of the hottest areas for vacationers, but the vibe is going to be very different this year.

Runze Yu

Keep it beach lite

As of right now, many clubs and theaters are still closed. The crowding inside is not a good idea as the virus is still making the rounds. Which means that you don’t want to pack too much in the way of club gear.

Think of sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea in Croatia for the sunset and you get the idea of what the mood is going to be like on vacation. There will be far less club hopping if it exists at all.

This should inform your style choice when packing for your trip. You may even find that the trends are less seasonal and more year round appropriate so you can pretty much wear it when you get back from your vacation very easily.

Images by Runze Yu for DSCENE.


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