The 1920s Favorite Style in 2020s: The Rise in Popularity of Art Deco (Inspired) Furniture

We are going to talk about why Art Deco-inspired furniture is a great way to start a new decade in style

The twenties are back and with them a growing interest in the famous Art Deco style. You can easily recognize Art Deco furniture design by the high contrasts, bold use of chrome and brass, round silhouettes, and saturated hues. The chic style looks modern today, just as it did 100 years ago when it first appeared.

However, the Art Deco movement never really went out of style in the first place. On the contrary, it continues to appeal to the experts in interior design, and the trend is growing stronger as we enter a year further into the 20s. And how can it not? Art Deco style is a great connector between classical and modern design.

For this reason, we are going to talk about why Art Deco-inspired furniture is a great way to start a new decade in style.

What is Art Deco?

The term Art Deco comes from French, and it means decorative art. We use it to describe a style that originated in France and spread to Europe and the US. Art Deco reached its highest peak in the 1920s and 1930s, and it was all about geometry and symmetry.

Furthermore, it rapidly found its way into art, furniture design, fashion, graphic design, and industrial design. For instance, cities like Chicago, New York, as well as Paris have amazing Art Deco designs.

Art Deco represented the transition from classic to modern style. Moreover, it was the first time design was within reach of the middle and lower classes. So, it brought hope for a better future filled with technology.

The key characteristics of Art Deco design are:

  • high contrast
  • dramatic spaces
  • more color saturation
  • brass, chrome, and luxurious or unexpected materials, such as concrete, marble, fringe, inlay, velvet, and smoked glass
  • geometric patterns

The Reasons Behind a Rise in Popularity of Art Deco Inspired Furniture

Today, pieces of furniture inspired by Art Deco fill the pages of design magazines and interiors of chic hotels and restaurants. But what makes this style so alluring that it has continued to inspire us for a hundred years? Moreover, why should you consider adding it to your interior? Let’s consider a couple of possible reasons.

This Style Looks Familiar

Even if we are not aware of it and can’t tell it apart from other similar designs, Art Deco is everywhere. We see it all the time in architecture, like the Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building. Moreover, we probably grew up surrounded by Art Deco pieces of furniture. And on top of that, we are exposed to it in the movies we see, starting from The Kiss (1929) and Dinner at Eight (1933).

Art Deco Style Provides a Sense of Comfort and Stability

Uncertain times make people search for structure and stability in other aspects of their lives, including interior design. And that is one of the reasons we come back to the Art Deco trend over and over again. This style reminds us of simpler times and represents comfort, optimism, beauty, as well as creativity.

Since the 2020s had a rough beginning, with the Covid-19 pandemic being just one of the problems, we are trying to surround ourselves with familiar things. So, when nostalgia hits, we find solace in Art deco design.

This Type of Design Looks Modern Enough to Pass as Trendy

Unlike many other old styles, Art Deco resembles today’s mainstream design. The modern style uses clean lines, just like Art Deco, but fewer colors. On the other hand, with Deco, you get the same modern cleanliness but with bolder colors.

Although the style looks modern, it has the power to bring you back and make you think about the Gatsby era. Moreover, Art Deco is charismatic, over the top, and you just have to love it.

Art Deco Movement Is the Perfect Combination of Traditional and Modern

People accept modern ideas more easily if they are rooted in something traditional. And Art Deco is precisely that — older and classic pieces of furniture updated in a radical way. The end result is something fashionable and futuristic, which makes sense since that was the whole idea behind Art Deco’s first appearance.

A Style That Looks Well in Every Setting

Art Deco’s amazing trait is that it works with furnishings from any other era. It plays so well with minimalism, maximalism, and any style in between. So, you can mix and match with anything you own, and it will look great.

Art Deco Furniture Looks Luxurious

After years of casual style and minimalism, Art Deco furniture feels glamorous and formal. This design reminds us of the roaring ‘20s with its economic boom when the middle class flourished and expressed it through Art Deco furnishings. And this is good — we’ve been craving to bring a bit of luxury and boldness into our homes.

What’s more, people today want to appear wealthy, and Art Deco provides them a perfect way to achieve that.

Final Thoughts

Art Deco is a timeless design that people keep returning to, even after a hundred years. We are surrounded by it, and its continual presence brings us peace and comfort.

Moreover, Art Deco-inspired furniture today has just enough of old and traditional in it to draw us in and make us feel romantic and nostalgic. But such furnishings also look modern enough so we can proudly display them.

And after the rocky beginning of this decade, we need something like Art Deco furniture to remind us that there’s still beauty, creativity, and optimism in this world. So, indulge your inner Gatsby by joining a century-old Art Deco movement.

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