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Discover VTMNTS Spring Summer 2023 Collection

For this season, Guram Gvasalia presented a collection about gender equality


Fashion designer Guram Gvasalia presented VTMNTS Spring Summer 2023 Collection, which brings new minimalism for new generation. For the collection, Gvasalia used an architectural approach to construct the garments, mixing sartorial techniques with advanced material science research. The foundation of the Spring Summer 2023 collection lies in cropped tailoring with cropped jackets, shirts, knits, bomber jackets and more. The collection is also anti-uniform and it focuses on putting personality first. This is a collection for all genders, built on tailored silhouettes and classic wardrobe items, reconstructed and modified to fit the attitude of the new generation. Layered tailoring with cropped and full-length pieces merged as one item, accompanied by tailored pants merged with shorts.




When I first walked in that space, it just felt right. Magic happened when the sunlight broke through the concrete construction and created lines of light on the floor reminiscing the barcode lines, the signature element of VTMNTS. A true beauty created by symbiosis of something human-made and nature. The light of the show was coming from the sun itself, the most sustainable lighting solution out there. It felt like being in a Church of the Future, but not a Church preaching any religion, more a
place of true awareness, a place where you belong by simply being your true self.

The designs are the main focus of the collection, nevertheless casting plays an extremely important role for us. The talent who walks the show is so special. Each of them have their own story to tell. So I ask the models which look they like the most from my boards and want to wear for the show. We choose their look together. And this created the energy that can be felt when watching the show. They are all proud of what they wear and of who they are. I told them: walk the way you feel like walking, fast, slow, just be yourself, run if you want to or channel your inner-Naomi.

Being a war child and refugee teaches you to love life and also to give love. Once you lose your home, once you lose everything you have, there is not much that can be taken away from you. Being queer, having to come out often means to lose people in your life, but it also makes you stronger and pushes you to climb higher.

I was asked multiple times in the past months, why I have decided to do what I`m doing. It`s very simple, I realized if I don ́t do it, I wouldn`t know who else would. The luxury industry sector belongs fully to a couple of conglomerates and succeeding means becoming a part of their system, which seems to have not yet gotten an update to the 21st century. For me it`s important to show the young talent that being who you are is enough, and you can still succeed by building your own brand, even if your last name is not Pinault or Arnault. Success lies inside of each of us, sometimes you need
to get the courage to look deep enough.

This collection is about gender equality. It`s about knowing who you are, and standing for your beliefs. It`s time for the minority to get the voice and become the majority. Humanity is not mass production, each life counts, each human being counts. The world is changing, and so should fashion! – Guram Gvasalia


VTMNTS proprietary “double shoulder” construction creates the ability to extend the garment’s shoulder line on the day you feel more dramatic. Double jackets, double shirts, double pants, double belts, double bomber jackets are inspired by traveling with too much luggage and the necessity to put on an extra layer at the airport not to pay for extra luggage charges. The inspiration for double pieces also lies when you cannot decide which look to wear so you merge them and wear both at the same time. – from VTMNTS


INTERIOR DESIGN: Contemporary & Modern Home Office Furniture


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