How To Travel Safely and Stylishly With Your Pet

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about traveling in style with your pet

How To Travel Safely and Stylishly With Your Pet

One of the hardest parts about traveling and being away from home is missing your family, which for many people includes their furry friends. If you have a trip coming up and have decided to bring your four-legged friend along, there are ways to do so safely and stylishly.

Treating your pet to a vacation is a great way for pet owners to lavish their favorite furry friends. It might be your first time traveling with your pet, and you want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered; if that’s the case, keep reading for all you need to know to travel in style with your best friend.

Road Rules

While general rules apply to pet travel, there are rules specific to cars. If your next getaway involves a road trip, there are several things to consider. It’s easy to find a way to buckle your pet into the seat; the same way children and adults do, it’s time to buckle up for safety. These apparatuses are easy to install and ensure your pet is safely connected to its seat. Cats, however, should always be in a carrier.

In the same way, you need a bathroom break on a road trip; remember that your dog does, too, so frequent pit stops for them to potty. While letting your dog travel with the window down seems like a good idea, it’s pretty unsafe. Your dog can quickly be injured this way, so avoid it. Lastly, and this goes without saying, never leave your pet alone in a hot car.

Cute Carriers

We all remember when Paris Hilton made bringing your small dog everywhere with you as normal as carrying a purse. If you don’t already have a pet carrier bag, it’s an investment that’s a necessity for travel. There are plenty of stylish (even designer) options for carriers, but they keep your pet safe and comfortable. Traveling comes with many new noises, scents, and people; carriers provide a safe retreat from those things. Pet carriers need to be able to fit safely under a train or plane seat, so check the acceptable dimensions when booking your flight.

Avoid Sedating

While it can be tempting to offer your furry friend something to calm their nerves when you’re traveling, most veterinarians advise against doing so. Especially when traveling by plane, sedatives can affect your pet’s respiratory and cardiovascular system and weaken them to changes in atmospheric pressures. It’s a grim thing to think about, but your pet’s safety is more important than you not wanting to hear a little whining.

Road Snacks

Whether you’re getting to your destination by trains, planes, or automobiles, you’ll want snacks and fresh water to keep your pet’s mood and energy levels healthy. You wouldn’t head onto an eight-hour flight without nourishment for yourself, would you? While food is easy to pack and store, water may feel trickier. A great tip for fresh water for your dog or cat while traveling is to freeze a small container ahead of time, and you’ll have multiple containers to keep them hydrated.

Be an Advocate

If your pet is too large to fit safely and comfortably into a carrier with you, they may have to travel in the cargo space of the plane. You may be terrified for your pet, but rest assured, plenty of pets travel this way every day. Be sure you let the pilot and crew know that your pet is traveling safely down below so they can be mindful of temperatures in the cargo area. Additionally, ask about your pet directly after landing. Your pet doesn’t have a voice to advocate for themselves, but you do!

Traveling with your pet is a great way to make memories that you can treasure for a lifetime. Pets also miss their humans when they’re away, so it’s always a great idea when you can safely bring your furry friend along. While it takes some extra planning and investing in carriers, stronger harnesses, and other key items, it’s worth it to have the company. You also save money by not having to board your pet while you’re out of town. And who knows? Your pet could be a natural when it comes to travel, and you’ve just found one more enjoyable activity to do together. Happy Trails!

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