America’s Next Top Model: The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures

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TV show: America's Next Top Model
Photography by: Nigel Barker
Photo shoot creative director: Jay Manuel
Producer: Tyra Banks

This week in cycle 9's 11th episode, the girl on the photo above, Heather, was sent home. First time in this cycle, the noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, did the shoot with the girls in Shanghai. After not being able to manage the go-see adventure Heather was sent home, and here are the photos from the rest of the shoot: Bianca, Chantal, Jenah and Saleisha. (Click on the name of the girls to enlarge)


  1. i like heather! it’s such a pity that she’s sent home! 🙁

  2. designscene says:

    heather is really a brave person to be there, its really hard to imagine her condition i admire her so much… whatever daily difficulty every other person comes upon, its 100times more frightening for heather
    bless i hope she gets some work as a photo model, i really doubt she could handle the mania of runway modeling….

  3. Grifit says:

    I don’t see the show
    but I like a lot the photos you post
    which is exactly the condition of heather?? I’m just curious

  4. designscene says:

    she has Aspergers, a form of autism… 🙁