Garrett Neff by Tony Duran

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Magazine: GQ Style (Deutschland)
Issue: Fall-Winter 2007-08
Editorial: "Director's Cut"
Photography by Tony Duran
Stylist: Paul Mather
Face and body of CK, Garrett Neff in a shoot for German GQ Style magazine, by fashion and celebrity photographer Tony Duran. While everybody was taking clothes of up and coming top model, Duran and stylist Paul Mather let Neff stay pretty buttoned up for the most of the shoot, but this young model has Duran to thank for making the most impressive fashion shoot in his modeling portfolio. Source: MH


  1. Lee O. says:

    he is absolutely gorgeous !

  2. one of the best editorials I’ve seen in a good while! It reminds me of Gattaca, don’t know if maybe that film was an inspiration for the shoot, it certainly seems so.

  3. {TEM}_{EM} says:

    Gattaca. 😀 I see it.