Lady Gaga Polaroid Moments for V Magazine

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Magazine: V Magazine
Edit/feature: Flash of Genius
Featured star: Lady Gaga
Photographer: Matthew Williams
Upcoming issue of V Magazine is featuring A Gaga Journal by Matthew Williams, famed singer was recently appointed Creative Director for a specialty line of Polaroid imaging products. Williams has documented Lady Gaga’s life over the past months in NY, LA and Miami, and V is set to feature some never before seen Polaroid snapshots in their upcoming release. V65 does not hit newsstands until May 11th, for more of this feature continue after the jump:

*Images courtesy of V Magazine


  1. Nick Leonard says:

    Holy hell!!! I cannot wait for this issue now. Anything Gaga + Polaroid…I am all for it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There's nothing creative nor artistic in those photographs not a all.. Sorry lady gaga but these were rubbish!