Daria Werbowy for Joseph Fall Winter 2011.12

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Daria Werbowy

Ad Campaign: Joseph
Season: Fall Winter 2011.12
Model: Daria Werbowy |IMG|
Photographer: Peter lindbergh |2B|
Website: www.joseph.co.uk
Legendary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh shoots Daria Werbowy for Joseph's Fall Winter advertisement. 

Daria Werbowy Daria Werbowy Daria Werbowy Daria Werbowy Daria Werbowy



  1. Elana Santorelli says:

    you dont see often peter lindbergh doing studio shoots

  2. Ryan Skeeter says:

    i think this could have been much better you have peter lindbergh and daria working together i remember their shoot from vogue us

  3. Willian Knaub says:

    could have been better

  4. jay24 says:

    not shoot to advertise peter lindbergh books with hes genius he can do lot better than this

  5. giovanni says:


  6. padadam dam says:

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  7. Antonia says:

    Wow…you are definately a talented blogger ! Keep up the great work !

  8. Broken says:

    what you guys complain about? bunch of you dont know even how to hold a camera and you want to judge work by peter lindbergh?