Emilia Soroka by Koty 2 for Kaltblut

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Koty 2

Kaltblut Magazine session captured by Koty 2 with model Emilia Soroka (New Age Models) styled by Dobrochna Rawicka (Difriperi). For Lavender Haze story the stylist used pieces from designers such as Divya Nguen, Grab Me, Charlotte Rouge, Edyta Kaczyńska, In2you, Yakayaga, Le Mat, Mateusz Tomczyk, Desirer, Krystyna Zimnicka, and Bzik.  Makeup is courtesy of Eevi Makeup Studio, hair by Bartlomiej Grzes.

Koty 2 Koty 2 Koty 2 Koty 2 Koty 2 Koty 2 Koty 2 Koty 2

Website: www.koty2.com

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