Marina Krtinic for Bazaar Serbia by Nikola Tamindzic

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Marina Krtinic

Harper’s Bazaar Serbia enlists top model Marina Krtinic to star in their June 2015’s cover story captured by fashion photographer Nikola Tamindzic. In charge of styling for NYC editorial was Gordana Manojlovic with hair by Braydon Nelson and makeup by Claudia Lake.

Marina-Krtinic-Bazaar-Serbia-Nikola-Tamindzic-02 Marina-Krtinic-Bazaar-Serbia-Nikola-Tamindzic-03 Marina-Krtinic-Bazaar-Serbia-Nikola-Tamindzic-04 Marina-Krtinic-Bazaar-Serbia-Nikola-Tamindzic-05 Marina-Krtinic-Bazaar-Serbia-Nikola-Tamindzic-06

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