Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016.17 by David Sims

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Marc Jacobs

First look at Marc Jacobs‘ Fall Winter 2016.17 advertising campaign captured by fashion photographer David Sims, featuring styling from Katie Grand. Stars of the campaign are artist Genesis P’Orridge, and models Ally Ertel, Binx Walton, Cheyenne Keuben, Grace Bol, Estella Boersma, Flo Dron, Julia Nobis, Riley Montana, Sarah Abney, Carlos Santolalla and John Tuite.

In a continuing series of portraits for Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 ad campaign, the individuals in these photographs represent a collective embodiment of love, honesty, integrity, courage, strength, curiosity and inspiration. Together, as one story, this collection is a reminder to question and challenge normal and to continue exploring and pushing boundaries.

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