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DROMe took PARIS FASHION WEEK to present the new SPRING SUMMER 2017 collection designed by the label’s creative director Marianna Rosati.

When a generation is in search of a cultural identity, symbols are everything, where fashion reflects feminine contradictions and describe the different dimensions of today’s women. Cuts, bows and pleats become symbolic of stylistic communication. A coded message that takes an introspective journey through the fragments of Marianna Rosati’s dark romanticism for her DROMe, a? la David Lynch, but with a fresh appeal and playful image. Between sartorial skill, technology, traditional roles and nuances of gender, the thread running through the collection is deconstruction. Starting from very lightweight leathers which become as fluid as silk, forming fine bows, asymmetries, crimping them in a patchwork of different rouches, creating unexpected movements. – from DROMe

Discover more of the backstage moments after the jump:
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All Images by Simon Way Courtesy of DROME