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Roisin, again, but shes worth it

Single: Let Me Know
Artist: Roisin Murphy
“Let Me Know”, the new single artwork is revealed, so does anybody knows who designed the outfit? Roisin has taken a concept of extraordinary in mundane places, for the whole ‘Overpowered’ album artwork. I know, too many Roisin posts, I just had to post this one, but hey click down there and download a free MP3 of Roisins, the song wont be on album or as a bside, its just a free gift, that Roisin decided to share with ppl on the web.

And in case you never saw the ‘Overpowered’ single artwork, here it is, Roisin shoping for grocery in her Viktor & Rolf.

Pieke Bergmans Virus Design

Nylon August 07, Nicole Richie doesn’t have a clue