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D&G Menswear Collection FW 2008-09


Collection: D&G Menswear Collection FW 2008-09
Inspiration:Tartan, the classic pattern of the Scottish kilt, re-interpreted in every possible way.
Fabrics and material: Tartan, wool knitwear, jersey, patchwork, denim, mélange knitwear, ribbed velvet, poplin and satin, cashmere, leather and shearling and red fox fur for hats.
Colors: Grey, brown, red, blue, green, all the colors of the tartan's pattern.
Style: Fitted jackets with loose fitted trousers.
Wardrobe:Tartan shirts, blazers, jackets, coats and trousers, ribbed blazers and trousers, unfinished heavy tartan blazers, blazers with patchwork lapels, cashmere sweaters , patchwork and unfinished shearling.
For the evening, tartan tuxedos with white shirts and black bow ties.
Accessories: Collegiate inspired shoes and rubber rain boots followed by Tartan and leather bags. Adding up Red fox fur hats.

Skinny ties for the day and bow ties for the evening.
Soundtrack:"Infatuation" by Rod Stewart remixed by DJ Coleman, and for the finale "Superman" by The Kinks.
Male Models in order of appearance: Emilio, Sean H., Borys, Alexandre, Matt Benstead, Sean O., Andre Ziehe, Texas, Adam Senn, Baptiste, Duran, Julien S., Andrew, Clay, Guy, Brian J., Eddie K., Lukas, Bennie, Laurent, Petr, Julien F., Carlos, Josh, Vincent Laroque, Danny Beauchamp, Marcus, Clark, Roger, Mathais, Ryan Taylor, Jesper, Toms, James Triglioni, Chris F., Sam Webb, Juan Angel, Eduardo, Terron Wood, Phillip Huang, Travis, Eddie Tucker, Aaron, Tyson Ballou, Yoschka, Miguel,
Final part (Names are repeated in order of appearance): Emilio, Sean H., Laurent, Borys, Bryan J., Eddie K., Andre Ziehe, Julien S., Andrew, Alexandre, Lukas, Clay, Guy, Adam Senn, Texas, Duran, Matt Benstead, Bennie, Baptiste.

Sources: modelhommes and Darthabercombie @ youTube

Numéro Homme #15 S/S 08 : Sean Opry by Greg Kadel

Details January/February 2008 : Zac Efron by Steven Klein