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Milan Fall Winter 2008-09: Dolce & Gabbana

Fashion Week: Milan
Collection: Dolce & Gabbana FW08-09
Inspiration: Sicily.
Fabrics and Materials: Striped velvet, wool, cashmere, shearling, lambskin, crocodile, leather, nylon, double-layered organza for jackets and shirts.
Colours: Natural, brown, cognac, whisky, grey and black.
Style: Wraps to stay warm. Tailored jackets, double-layered with organza with exposed finish. Trousers are looser and more voluminous. Special brushed shearling from the farmers with details of unfinished fabric and wool. Crocodile or patchwork leather jackets or nylon jackets lined with lambskin. Tailored jackets with exposed stitching and patchwork lapels. Day suits single or double-breasted layered with organza. Pin-striped or worn velvet suits. Jogging pants made of cashmere and low rise trousers with a dropped crotch. Chunky handmade sweaters layered with tulle. Shirts with collars and cuffs layered with organza or hand-painted naïve art. For the evening, three-piece suits are black, single or doublebreasted jackets are layered with blue, black or brown organza, with black satin lapels.
Accessories: Velvet, pin-striped, shearling, lambskin and wool" Coppola" driver caps.
Oversized wool and cashmere scarves, hooded scarves, wrinkled pashminas with Fortuny-inspired prints.
Worn leather, crocodile or ostrich round-toe shoes. Lace-up and collegiate inspired shoes for the day, and velvet, satin or pony lace up shoes for the night.
Crocodile and leather belts.
Skinny ties. Bags inspired by the traditional Sicilian luggage.
Interesting note: Some of the T-shirt of the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 collection are made exclusively for Dolce & Gabbana by Alessandro Pezzati, a young artist who attends Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and works using recovery material of daily use.

Soundtrack: "She Is The Rainbow" and "I'm Free", for the finale, by Rolling Stones, remixed by DJ Coleman.
Models: Sean Harju, David Gandy, Julien S., Adam Senn, Noah Mills, Emilio P., Antonio, Marcus H., Jesper, Clint Mauro, Texas Orsson, Duran, Eduardo, Eddie Clint, Chris, Julien Q, Clay, James N, David Jensen, Andrija Bikic, Ricardo, Andrew S., Carlos S., Mathisa, Tom Warren, Vincent Laroque, Philip Huang, Yoschika, Lukas, Chad Dunn, Terron Wood, Travis, Riccardo Piccoli, Laurent A., Andrew Cooper, Danny Beauchamp, Matt Loewen, Guy Robinson, Oliver, Djordje Bogdanovic, Sean Opry, Sam Way, Matt Benstead, Tyson Ballou, Lucien T., Sam Webb, Chad White, Alexandre, Baptiste G., Tim L., Bryan J., Ryan Thomas, Roger, Borys Casey, Ander Ziehe,
David Gandy, Antonio, Emilio P., Andrew S., Jesper, Clint Mauro, Sean Harju, Noah Mills, Terron Wood, Lars Burmeister, Julien Q, Adam Senn, Miguel.

Credits: forumers for the photos and for the video darthabercombie from YouTube.

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