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Kitchen of the future by Antonie Lebrun

Product design: Fagor Brandt Kitchenh

Designer: Antoine Lebrun
Industrial designer Antoine Lebrun, did an advance study design for Fagor Brandt, which was a prototype of a future kitchen, 10 years from now. The kitchen would be a green multifunctional appliance, in closed position the system is in washing mode. Open it to access the cooking functions, where on main surface you can prepare and cook, when closed after use, the workspace and sink (including dishes inside) are washed up with natural soap provided by pants. Click on the images above to enlarge, for more of Antoines designs check out his website portfolio, HERE is one more of the photos.

Etro FW 08.09 Edita Vilkeviciute and Martin Cannavo by Max Cardelli

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