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Pain Withour Borders – STOP THE PAIN!

Agency: TBWA/MAP, Paris, France
Creative Director: Sebastien Vacherot, Manoelle van der Vaeren
Art Director: Stephane Lecoq
Photography: Platinum
This awareness campaign comes from a french agency Doulers Sans Frontieres/Pain Without Borders which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) French humanitarian working in the medical field and more specifically on the management of pain whatsoever. The mission of pain without Borders is to promote, facilitate and develop all actions that aim at the diagnosis, treatment and management of pain in the poorest countries.
As a first step, the activity of pain without Borders has focused on the pain caused by amputations and injuries caused by landmines. This explains the choice of the first countries in Angola, Cambodia, Mozambique.Then, its activities were focused on the management of health and pain. The interventions have expanded the scope of care needed for chronic conditions (AIDS, cancer, …) of post-operative pain, burn and malnutrition, and conditions requiring palliative care.

Pain Without Borders also focused é develop programs to take care of the moral and psychological suffering of the victims, especially children (suffering of the disabled, orphanages in distress …). Bellow you can view the video accompanying the campaign. STOP THE PAIN!


Taipei Performing Arts Centre by Manfredi Nicoletti

Omahyra by Philip Mueller