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“Blade” for Next by J.P.Meulendijks

Product: Blade

Material: PE, Aluminium
Colours: White
Lamp: 2G11, 6 x TC-L 36 Watt
Other: Rotatable Shades
Designed by J.P.Meulendijks


Blade offers almost infinite possibilities to illuminate a room. One lamp – fourteen possible variations. Give one room fourteen different looks. It takes just a few moves to rearrange the three bowl-shaped shades into a new position. In the starting position all three shades form a circular shape with a diameter of approximately one meter. As they are fanned out, the lamp gradually changes into a propeller-shape that can be exteded to a diameter of over two meters before the shades converge in the form of an organic triangle in the final position. – That’s Blade. Images courtesy of the designer.

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