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Roisin Murphy for Daily Mail by Michael Labica & Sandrine Dulermo

Magazine: Daily Mail
Featured Star: Roisin Murphy
Photography by Michael Labica & Sandrine Dulermo
"They’re super, aren’t they?’ she says, showing off the shoes. ‘I fell flat on my face the other day because the soles are really slippery. But then, if I got myself some nonslip soles, they wouldn’t be any good for dancing, would they?" she adds, laughing. There you have the essence of Róisín: unquenchable adventurousness that can become rock ‘n’ roll recklessness, as we shall see. But it attracts a legion of straight and gay fans, otherwise known as the Murphya, who glam up in the kind of dandyish pomp not seen since the days of Duran Duran. And during the past 12 months, their fearless heroine has emerged as the ultimate alternative-style icon at fashion shows in London, Paris, New York and Milan. Read the rest HERE.

Sisley Underwear SS09 by Camilla Akrans

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