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Howard Schatz for Make Me A Supermodel

Network: Bravo
Models: Colin, Amanda, Jonathan Waud |Nous Models|, Salome, Gabriel, Jordan and Sandhurst
Photography by Howard Schatz
With the competition coming down to the wire, the few that still remain are truly feeling the weight of it all: Branden breaks down, feeling overwhelmed by homesick-ness. Jonathan learns that finances are tight from his wife back home, and if he doesn’t win the grand prize, his family will not make rent. And when the models prep for their next assignment, one of them has an embarrassing accident with an electric razor! Who will be able to withstand the pressure to be the last man –or woman– standing? Catch this episode of Make Me a Supermodel tonight @ 10/9c only on Bravo.
*Courtesy of BRAVO | Photo credit: Bravo/Howard Schatz

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