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Urban Fade by Visiondivision

Project: Urban Fade |Koivusaari Idea competition|
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Designed by Visiondivision
In Koivusaari you will experience a great urban diversity on a relatively small island; a dense city core that gradually fades to smaller premises and that eventually becomes archipelago. The island becomes a distillation of the best qualities that each one of the urban typologies has to offer; the intense city center with offices, shops and services close to the bus and subway station, the medium sized town with more green areas, restaurants and residential units, the small town that lies almost in a park situation and finally the archipelago with public piers and pavilions with good-life activities.

By keeping it dense, the distances between the new districts parts is kept short and you don’t have to do so much fillings around the island to get a lively city area. This is good for both the environment and from an economical point of view.

Almost every residential unit has a sea view and they also have a glass room that cantilevers from the façade, creating a new typology, a deluxe room where you have a panorama over the ocean and where you can enjoy the cityscape to the fullest.The city grid is highly efficient and has many advantages; it creates lines of views, it has many options of moving around in the district and it makes the variation in the building scales even more dramatic, an optical illusion that enhances the archipelago backdrop.”
*Courtesy of Visiondivision through Ulf Mejergren & Anders Berensson

Gan Photography for Harper’s Bazaar

Bruno Pieters Fall Winter 2009.10 campaign