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Design Hotel by RE

Project: Design Hotel
Location: Pobierowo, Poland
Designed by RE
The main idea behind the Design Hotel is to create an object that would be a counterpoint to the chaotic construction of low architectural values. Polish Pomerania has a rich tradition of modernist, which in the interwar period brought many avant-garde implementations. RE based the design on the assumption that a recall of the tradition of the avant-garde would be the right answer and in its place an object which would become a showcase of the region would evolve. More info and images under the cut:

The strongest point of the architecture is its northern facade. Its distribution was logically subordinate to the function – each module corresponds to the width of one apartment. Glass covering the interior of each module flows from the roof down on the pavement outside the hotel, smoothly changing into polished stone surface.

Bally US
On the ribbons of glass a graphic theme of lazily winding lines is designed, adding elegant detail to the facade. Between the glass strips are recessed niches with comfortable balconies finished with black stone.

The hotel accommodates 43 rooms and elegant suites, a restaurant, a boutique, a nightclub and a swimming pool and SPA. Expected date for completion of the construction 2011. – from World Architecture News
*Source | WAN

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