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Apple iPad

Apple iPad
The long anticipated Apple iPad is here, we see this more as natural progression, making so many questions appear… will you still need the kindle, will this change the magazine industry, education of tomorrow?? Starting price is $499, some analysts say a revolutionary new discovery is what can boost your economy, maybe this is it. One thing is for sure with now outdated kindle opening of iBook store must already give headache to people in Amazon. Continue for more images and Apples description after the jump:

The large Multi-Touch screen on iPad lets you see web pages as they were meant to be seen — one whole page at a time. With vibrant color and sharp text. So whether you’re looking at a page in portrait or landscape, you can see everything at a size that’s actually readable. And with iPad, navigating through the web has never been easier, or more intuitive. Because you use the most natural pointing device there is: your finger. You can scroll through a page just by flicking your finger up or down on the screen. Or pinch to zoom in or out on a photo. There’s also a thumbnail view that shows all your open pages in a grid, to let you quickly move from one page to the next.

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