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Mert Alas Interview by Lope Navo

Photographer: Mert Alas of Mert & Marcus
Interviewed by Lope Navo
After recently featured Interview of Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca by photographer Lope Navo for his blog page, today we have Lopes interview with Mert Alas of the famous photography duo Mert & Marcus

LOPE NAVO: I would like to thank you for having time for readers, I know it’s almost impossible to catch you these days for a Q&A.; The first thing I always wanted to know about photographers is the first photos they’ve taken and with what camera?
MERT ALAS: Your welcome Lope, thank you for having us in your blog. The first photos we’ve taken is with a second-hand Hasselblad we got from our friend Lula, we did a nude sitting in our flat.

NAVO: What does Marcus Piggott’s family and your family think about your craft and your profession?
ALAS: Our families loves our work and in constant watch. Most of the time we sit back and criticize our work with them, its fun!

NAVO: What’s your top 3 favorite cities in the world?
ALAS: 1. London 2. Istanbul 3. Barcelona

NAVO: What’s a regular ideal weekend for the very busy Mr. Alas?
ALAS: Working out, r & r, dancing and spending time with close friends.

NAVO: Do you surf? Is a Mert Alas an adrenaline junkie?
ALAS: Not surfing! But I love swimming, I love speed, and sailing! I just got my sailing license.

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