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House Bierings by Rocha Tombal


Project: House Bierings
Designed by Rocha Tombal Architecten
Location: The Netherlands
Wood in design has made a major comeback in last few years, from patterns in graphic design to a more contemporary use in architecture. Dutch architects firm Rocha Tombal Architecten, gave their very own exterior approach for their House Bierings project, for a detailed description by the architects and more images continue after the jump:


From a basic form, defined by the municipal urban plan, sculptural “eyes” emerge with direct views to the varied countryside landscape. The form and orientation of the building avoid visual contact with the adjacent houses: at the ground floor the angled ceiling of the kitchen accentuates the intensive contact with the garden. On the first floor, the different shaped openings in the roof and façade offer, like “fingers of light”, varied daylight experiences.

The routing through the house starts in the hall, a section of the ground floor volume. After experiencing the entrance area and passing the gigantic pivoted door, the visitor arrives at the “heart of the house”, the kitchen. Here he looks through the big glass wall straight into the garden, which suggests being outside again. Behind him, the stair cuts a wooden wall inviting to follow the route towards the first floor. Its angled form and extreme proportions (small and high) and the daylight entering from the ceiling, offer the feeling of walking in a medieval street.

At the end of it he discovers the living room, a quiet, north-lighted attic space, from which a big opening exposes the surrounding green like in a framed painting. – from Rocha Tombal Architecten

Photography: Christian Richters
© 2009 Rocha Tombal Architecten

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